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General News of Saturday, 15 July 2017


NPP Ministers have been clouded by ‘arrogance’ - Kwaku Boahen

Deputy Communications Director of the NDC, Kwaku Boahen play videoDeputy Communications Director of the NDC, Kwaku Boahen

Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kwaku Boahen, has described the leadership of the New Patriotic Party as persons who have been clouded by ‘arrogance and sheer pride’.

According to him, the authority they have gained by virtue of their position in government, has given them a false idea that they are superior to anyone and everyone and therefore they can misbehave anytime without recourse to the consequences.

“Clearly, you can see that there is some pride and arrogance in them. The power they got has put in them so much pride and arrogance, it has clouded them”, he said.

Speaking on the back of Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay’s whining comments , Mr. Boahen said the incident is not unusual among NPP members as several similar instances can be cited.

He cited an instance where the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto was heard in an audio tape “firing” a journalist for having questioned his competence at post following a statement made by Hilda Addo, former MP for Kwadaso.
The minister chided the journalist calling the statement “disrespectful and offensive”.

“That’s very disrespectful… the word incompetence, and I don’t want you to use that word on me. If she’s crazy to use those words I don’t want you to repeat it on me, you know that is very offensive, the minister was heard retorting.

“I don’t want you to talk to me in these times… Do you know who I am, do you know what I have created in this life of mine for a journalist like you to tell me that I am incompetent. If you’re repeating somebody’s words it’s your words as well. You shouldn’t be that insubordinate, he added.

Mr. Boahen also quoted Deputy Finance Minister, Kwaku Kwarteng as having warned journalist Umaru Sanda of Citi FM never to call him on his show again. The Deputy Minister got incensed when the host exposed the contradictions in his response to the $15 bn China loan.

According to Mr. Boahen, the haughtiness of NPP members makes them respond rudely when confronted with issues, some of which they threw at the former President and the NDC during their era in office.

“Because of the pride in NPP members, when they are confronted with the same issues they posed at former President John Mahama, they get angry and start insulting. That is exactly what is happening now.

The communicator also accused Ministers in the NPP of treating people with disrespect even in their various offices whenever they are approached on any issue.

“When you go to their offices, the Ministers, the display of pride and arrogance, I’m not surprised, even with the way they treat people when they meet them”, he stated.

Whining comments:

Deputy Trade minister, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay speaking an event organised by the diaspora community in Accra told them to stop whining all the time.

“Nobody likes whiners, people that spend all the time whining all the time really get on people’s nerves so stop whining,” the Deputy Minister said. The comments angered some of the participants at the forum one of whom asked, “who travels 3,000 miles to be a whiner?”

Following the backlash, Deputy Minister came out to publicly apologise for his comments. According to him, they were not meant to cast aspersions but an expression of his experience as someone who lived in the Diaspora and has now returned to the country.

“I wish to assure the people of Ghana and all those who have been offended by my comments that I did not in any way intend to sound offensive in my presentation,” a statement issued Thursday and signed by Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay noted.