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Opinions of Monday, 30 August 2021

Columnist: Anthony Afrane

My hammer has hit the nail right on the head

File photo of a hammer File photo of a hammer

An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative meaning which has a different meaning from the literal meaning. Idioms occur frequently in all languages, and in English alone there are an estimated twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions.

Examples are: "spill the beans" (to reveal a secret), "kick the bucket" (to die) and "hit the nail on the head" which means to describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem. As we all know, a hammer is a common tool used to hit the head of nails to drive them into substances, especially wood, and this is going to be the basis for this article.

Having opened this write-up with some lessons on idioms I wish to draw readers' attention to some issues of national interest. Of late, living in this part of the world is becoming unbearable -- no jobs for the youth, high cost of living, insecurity, and many more.

I have an overpowering feeling: and my instincts are screaming at me that Ghanaians should brace themselves for tougher days ahead. The signs and indicators are not encouraging, and we should expect a hockey stick moment. In fact, we don't need a prophet of doom to tell us that we are heading towards troublous times.

In all these, I know the truth. And the truth is that Yaanom have been exposed by their inability to manage the economy well, and it is now certain that the economy of the country is about to keel over. Ghanaians must, therefore, prepare for the worst without wincing.

The electorates are now in a fit of temper, and nothing seems to please them anymore; nothing will tamp down their ire in 2024 if things do not improve. Interestingly, the insouciance behaviour of those in charge in the current scheme of affairs is troubling; demons and principalities are tormenting them not to think right.

As a result, a wave of irritation for non-performance of government has filled many, and this serves as unquestionable evidence that expectations of Ghanaians have been cut short, and I hope and pray that Yaanom do not make the people angrier than they are already. But you see, the reality is like a cold splash of water; and what we are experiencing in this country under Opana is a harsh, cold one.

The electorate, therefore, have cause to worry about the increasing dishonesty during political campaigns. Political leaders who trade in deception to win votes seem to ignore the fact that lying to the electorate undermines the trust of the people they seek to govern.

The Trust Of The People Have Been Undermined

It has been argued relentlessly that a certain man was stabbed at the back during the last presidential election; and that there is the need for his party to pledge fealty to him than abandon him. People also think that with him as a presidential candidate for his party in 2024, the path to a greener future still remains open for this nation.

This man on his thank-you tour in the Upper East Region not too long ago touched on the worsening cases of youth unemployment, economic hardship, insecurity, among others. He also said that his party has learnt its lessons and the 2024 elections would be different. These words seem to have resonated well with the youth of this country who are yearning for change.

To reiterate my idiom lessons, I want to tell my cherished readers that I have a hammer, and my hammer has hit the nail right on the head as far as the issues mentioned above are concerned. And the fact still remains that posterity will have constant reason to thank my hammer.