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Opinions of Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Columnist: Isaac Asare Poku

My father's gold

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Gold is a priceless and rare terrestrial commodity; people take all sorts of life-threatening risks to mine it from ores. However, its original form comes with so many impurities, which have to be removed through a refinement process. All the purification methods employed, whether of fire, acid, or electricity, share a common technique; that is, they exert intense thermal pressure to polish it.

Comparatively, many other crude kinds of stuff go through pressure before their best form can be acquired. The blacksmith, for example, applies pressure through hammering to model metals to desired shapes. Also, surgical instruments are disinfected with autoclaves under high temperatures. Then again, athletes go through consistent pressure of exercises to build more endurance to perform better.

Just like the aforementioned unfinished states, humans are also born with a scatterbrain. To become refined, one needs to go through a refinery pressure to control his unwholesome and impulsive urges (Prov. 22:15). Here, God has endowed fathers with the disciplinary hammer for this task. Under God's direction, the hammer is used rightly for its purpose (Prov. 3:12).

Even so, many fathers are hardly appreciated because this crucial role of theirs is unpalatable. Sadly, it is only in their old age or after their death that their children treasure them. Until their kids grow out of the manipulative blindness of extreme feminist mothers, these fathers remain unhonoured.

Whenever it's time to celebrate fathers, there is a prominent caution to recognize only exceptional ones. Yet, this isn't the case during Mothers' Day. While bitter mothers draw attention to how uncaring some fathers have been, little is said about the many women who abandoned their babies at birth or abuse their children. Some of these motherless babies have grown to be responsible adults, yet, the role of a mother isn't undermined.

In this case, why are many fathers made to appear irrelevant? Coupled with this menace is the tough role of the father — discipline. When fathers discipline their children, it's never for the fun of it but to produce well-groomed adults (Heb. 12:9,11). Can you just imagine a world without fathers? The dearth of their discipline in such a world would only produce uncountable spoilt brats (Parker, 2019).

Even Jesus, whose mother gave birth to him without conjugal intercourse, encompassed the complementary role of a father in his life to help him fully mature physically (Luke 2:52). Perhaps, the reason why God convinced Joseph to be part of this wonderful story (Matt. 1:20-24).

Like gold, children require optimal pressure from fathers to purify them. Although this role may appear harsh, its benefit cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, fathers should not give up this divine role; wives/mothers should be corroborative, and children should cherish this paternal function now before it's too late.

Enjoy the Grace of God!