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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Columnist: Waterz Yidana

Most so called Ghanaian celebrities only love sex and money

The author says Ghanaians celebrities only care about making more money and having more sex The author says Ghanaians celebrities only care about making more money and having more sex

What most of these so-called Ghanaian celebrities know is sex and money. They don't even use their power to save the poor and vulnerable people supporting their careers and celebrating them every day in this country.

It doesn't matter the political party they may belong to, but once things are going bad and almost everybody is suffering and complaining in the country, as genuine stars who have their followers and supporters at heart, they ought to call out our leaders to do the right thing.

For instance, many Nigerian celebrities (A-list actors and musicians) came out to support the "End SARS" series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria, and SARS was disbanded by their government because the celebrities joined the ordinary Nigerians and their voices were heard.

Since some conscious Ghanaian youths started Fix The Country Campaign about three months ago, how many of our so-called A-list musicians or actors have joined the campaign? Almost none and these are the people we support and follow when they are not making themselves any useful to us--- they're only always useful to themselves.

We can only keep regretting the death of people like Fela Kuti the revolutionary Nigerian singer who used his music to pass important messages to his audience and criticized governments whenever he needed to, in order, to make life better for his followers, supporters, and the entire country. I wish we have music stars like Fela in Ghana.

Even in far Jamaica, reggae stars like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and others used their voices to affect lives positively. They called out governments for their bad performance and united politicians who were hitherto enemies--- and that was the whole essence of being a celebrity or star in those days.

Even Tupac Shakur, one of America's most successful rappers in history used his voice to call out leaders to do the right thing. The essence of influence is to use it positively to impact lives, not brag around with it like a little brat.

Common "Fix The Country Campaign", many Ghanaian celebrities don't want to involve themselves because they don't care about the people they claim they represent. These poor and vulnerable people must stop hailing and supporting these so-called celebrities who don't care about their lives...

But only care about making more money and having more sex.