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Opinions of Friday, 8 October 2021

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

Meet Mommy the celebrity Fire Service personnel who dreams to win GMB crown for Bono

Fire Service personnel, Adjei Boadiwaa Isabella Fire Service personnel, Adjei Boadiwaa Isabella

Following the painful miss of the Bono representative, the talented Mfodwo, to be crowned the newest GMB Queen, another beautiful daughter of the Bono land has been gingered to rise up, showing interest in the highly fought for beauty pageant come next edition.

Not only the beauty in it for winning this coveted crown, and the baggage the winner sends home, but undoubtedly the bragging rights that go with it; all the sixteen regions in Ghana fight tooth and nail to have their representative win Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB) crown.

We the Bonos rightly with pride call ourselves the _Akan piesie_ (firstborn of the Akans). It's from our Bono culture that the Akan's evolved, so if there was to be a display of our Ghanaian heritage as the reality show is famed for, the Bono culture should be the blueprint for others to emulate.

And per the foregone analysis, we the Bonos should by now boast of not least three trophies to show for since the inception of the widely patronised TV reality show. But none, not even one, closer we've come is first runner up.

The Ashantis are our younger sisters, and they've never durst challenge the Bono creative ability. They know Bonos hold patent rights to _Akofena_ (the sword of authority), _Ahenfokyinyɛ_ (chief's umbrella), _Fɔntɔnfrom_ (Akan traditional drum), _Ahemaaduku_ (Queen's headgear), and the sagely Adinkrah Symbols.

What's it again that Akan or modern-day Ghana tradition and culture pride of that will not cut its teeth from the Bono roots?

Yet, we've been left licking our wounds as our kid sisters are wearing on their heads the multiple GMB crowns we can only look on admire as window-shoppers in a museum.

We're now left for a soul-searching, finding answers to why our Queens how endowed they are, true beauty in mind and appearance, have not yet emerged winner for the number one culture reality show in Ghana - TV3's GMB.

For whatever fire that incinerates the Bono winning spirit to reach the ultimate year in year out, we've discovered an antidote in a brave eloquent celebrity Firefighter to douse it.

Groomed mentally and physically, Bonoman should watch out for a warrior Queen in their compatriot, Mommy, a career woman, student and a poet with a presence and large following on social media.

A beautiful young Bono lady with mother and father natives of Goka and Dormaa respectively, the Fire Service personnel does not only present hope to many fans of the captivating pageant show, but they who have seen her performed at durbars will attest to it that Mommy is our best bet to win us a bragging right to this envious eluded crown.

To every Goliath, there's a victorious David one day. And if this day our search team has spotted a talent worth harnessing, we must form a Bono united at her backing and claim our deserving position as the first of them all.

A little look into her personal profile

Born Adjei Boadiwaa Isabella, Mommy as affectionately called is a young Fire Service Personnel stationed at the Bono East capital, Techiman.

Using one stone to kill two birds through thick and thin, she's also pursuing to secure the key to the world, a level 300 student at the University of Education, Winneba, to graduate Bachelor of Arts, Twi.

Beauty, talent, purpose and determination are the attributes seen in Mommy. It's crude, original and worth polishing to bring glamour to the Bono land.

GMB, here we come.