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General News of Sunday, 8 October 2017


Madina residents recount what they had to do to save themselves from the explosion

Yesterday October 7, reports came in that there had been a gas explosion around 7:30 PM at Atomic Junction, a suburb of Madina which caused loss to some lives and left some people injured.

Residents who live in and around the explosion site indicated that they could feel the heat of the explosion as far as 5000 meters away.

Many people who saw the bubble of fire in the sky started running away from the fire with people screaming out for people to run outside because of the approaching flames.

Some residents indicated that the sky lit up like day during the second explosion and they felt the burning sensation on their skin, forcing them to run in all directions.

Some children in Redco Flats are believed to have also gone missing and search parties are still on the lookout for them.

Residents in Firestone, which is a few meters from the explosion indicated that the heat wave had caused minor burns to some people. Reports however indicate that they have been rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

A resident at Rawlings Circle indicated that she left her boutique unlocked when she saw the ‘massive’ crowd and ‘ran for her life’. Other businesses in the locality did same only to return hours after the flame had been doused by the Ghana National Fire Service.

Many areas became ghost towns for hours with people running out of their homes and shops to safety.

The aged were being carried on backs and some were being driven in pick-up trucks. However, some children in areas like Rawlings Circle, Madina Estate and some other localities have still not been accounted for.

Eyewitnesses indicated that many people run towards Ogbojo to seek shelter in a Church known popularly as Sychar.