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Opinions of Sunday, 20 June 2021

Columnist: Kaakyire Caleb

Letter to the President

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana

Good afternoon, Mr President!
How are you in your exclusive residence?
I have long remained in a painful silence
But now I can't be anymore indifferent

I know you would want to know my identity
Don't worry, just call me Mr/Ms Concerned Ghanaian
This long letter contains all my sincerity
And I hope that my conscience would be my guardian

No one doubts that you're making efforts
That's true -- it's even sung by the parrots
But the big question: are your efforts enough?
Many responses say things are getting tough
While others whine that everything is totally rough

Hmmm! Well, are you really........aware
Of all the happenings that all eyes stare at?
Guns walking in streets like men
Prices speeding like Mercedes-Benz
Unemployment already high on flight
Yet galamsey is what you want to fight

What should galamseyers do if there's no job?
These are muscular men to make cities hot!
No job, no galamsey: this's a good reason to rob
I'm sorry, you need an immediate decision if not
This nation will fall and run helplessly to a nought

If I may permit me to make a suggestion
If you may, call it the greatest contribution
I don't mean to say our parliamentarians are not worth it
It's no opposite for the ministers -- they are all worth it
But....isn't it too much......or you see it as very normal?
Tell you the truth.................for us, it is very very abnormal!
What are we talking about here -- I mean their salaries
These and many more have become great worries
Come to think of it -- how much fuel do they use a day?
This brings the cars they use to light -- those V8
Not to talk of electricity and other allowances......eeiii!

The above is nothing but only enlightenment
I never said you never knew but in fact when
Will, you put pieces together for amendments?
I advise: don't wait for the painful sentiments
For it may come not as sheep but a hungry beast
Attacking, biting, squeezing and killing for feasts
Just as it has already started in the cities' streets
And all may come down -- from the highest to the least

We live on riches but we are totally wretched
No doubt -- all our leaders are entirely wicked
Useless education has made the nation naked
Go to schools -- only chewing and pouring
No practicality -- making learning boring
Come out of school -- with nothing scoring
Don't we deserve to be called black monkeys
If we have all the golden doors but useless keys?

In fact, our country needs divine intervention
But who is ready to make this an intention
Those to pray for Ghana are all in church-markets
Selling, buying and making gains into their pockets
Hmmm! Oluwa have mercy!
Everything is turning too risky!
All the answers remain tricky!
I need a pause; I need a little coffee!
Don't forget to add some more perfumes!
For the situation is giving me more fumes!

Okay, I'm back to you, Mr President!
I'm very sorry; my throat was parched
Just a little coffee for another good start
And some perfumes to drive away from the scent I wish I could say more
But already losing strength and ink
Anyway, I wish this little would stand for all
And you will really have a think
.......................................about it
But until then, God help our Country!
..................................Yours sincerely!
(Mr/Ms Concerned Ghanaian)