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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Columnist: Waterz Yidana

Justice for Macho Kaaka

The late Macho Kaaka The late Macho Kaaka

The murder of Kaaka Anyass Ibrahim popularly known as Macho Kaaka tells you that it is worthless fighting for the stupid unemployed Ghanaian youth.

Kaaka was a harmless social media activist who was a member of "Fix The Country Campaign". He only used social media as a platform in highlighting some of the developmental challenges in his community for the government to fix them.

What was his crime? He never insulted anyone or challenged any authority, he was only asking the government to fix the country, especially Ejura, his community--- how was that a problem to the extent of murdering him in cold blood?

He was married with five children, how do you expect the poor widow to take care of the children alone? Indeed, we've psychopaths amongst us, as youths of this country. Someone who was fighting for a good cause for all of us, why would you murder him in such a callous manner?

I learnt that he was earlier reported to the Ghana police by some members of of the ruling party in Ejura his community about his activism of exposing the rot in our system, but the police instead of protecting him for his good works rather wrote to warn him to stop his social media activism and be careful not to be reported again.

And just a few days later, he was beaten to a pulp in front of his house by a mob in the same community he was fighting for. Some of the people he was fighting for killed him because they are ignorant and wicked.....

Benjamin Burombo, a Pan-African Labour Union Leader from Zimbabwe once said that "Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand--- because the other hand is busy trying to keep away Africans who are fighting me."

It is sad to know that some of the very people you're fighting for are fighting you back and it makes the work of the activist very difficult and risky. But, because most activists and freedom fighters are selfless people, they do not give up the fight, despite being opposed by some of the very people they are fighting for.

It is very unfortunate to lose such an energetic man who had his country at heart and was using his time and resources to put the leaders on their toes, just so that Ghana could become more habitable place. Well, no true revolutionary fears to die, death is the manifestation of the pointlessness of our lives and they all believe that it is only the revolutionary you can kill, you can't kill the revolution.

They've killed his physical body, can they kill his soul? How do they even feel sleeping at night knowing that they killed a good man? I don't think that they'll enjoy any real peace or freedom for murdering somebody who did absolutely nothing against them personally but was just being a patriotic citizen.

President Akufo Addo should talk to his supporters and followers to learn how to tolerate views opposed to theirs, but not kill and destroy their fellow Ghanaians with impunity. The President should handsomely compensate the family of Macho Kaaka and support the police to arrest and prosecute his killers. He is a hero and deserves to be celebrated. Rest in power, Macho Kaaka.

You were fighting for the poor and vulnerable people, but some of them were too ignorant or selfish to see you as a good person who just wanted to see growth and development in your community.

#WaterzYidana #JusticeForMachoKaaka