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Opinions of Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Columnist: Kwabena Yeboah

It is only witches and wizards who call for a coup to revisit the country

Let's kick against a military coup d’etat in Ghana Let's kick against a military coup d’etat in Ghana


I was been told by a man of God that, witches and wizards drink human blood in the realm of the spirit. If that is the case, then whoever wants innocent blood to be shed for power can be classified as a vampire.

Coup d'etat comes in line with blood-shedding many at times. Innocent people are been killed as the result of coup d’etat. It looks very funny to hear some people call for a coup d'etat to revisit the country.

I realized that most of the people calling for it are youth who did not witness the various coups that happened in the country. Also, some Ghanaians in the diaspora are among those drumming for coup d'etat to come into the country because they don't live with us here to witness it if the unfortunate happens.

I can't fathom the mindset of some Ghanaians who are insulating or glamouring for a coup d'etat. There is a spring of coup d’etat in some African countries, the likes of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guniea recently.

Those wishing for a coup d’etat to hit the soil of our beloved country, Ghana are the enemies against developments in the country. A coup d’etat is a virus that affects the economical growth of a country, military ruling comes with the principle of doing before complaining.

Most military personnel who overthrow the government and take over the highest leadership position of a country are not better economic drivers. How an economy is being managed determines the growth of the economy.

An economy is a heartbeat that determines the standard of living in a country.
When an economy is out of hand or uncontrollable there will be inflation on goods and services, which will make the standard of living so high in a country. Coup plotters mostly are not capable to manage an economy properly, that's why countries that witnessed it, went into economic bankrupt.

Coup d'etat is not a good substitute for democracy, for its sidelines freedom of speech. People can't express their opinions on national issues, fear, and panic will grip people to share their views and thoughts.

The worst performance of a democratic leader is better than a coup leader in terms of governance. Coup d’etat invades in social-economic growth of every country, by retrogressing the country's growth backward.

There have been series of military coup d’etat in Ghana before, I can boldly say none of them helped the country's peace, stability, and economy.

Looking at how people are freely speaking their minds by siding or criticising the government without any witch hunting, clearly shows that the voluminous democracy amplified by freedom of speech, can't be compared to a military dictatorship where people's views will be zipped.

Ghanaians must be encouraged to hold the democracy in the country in high esteem than downplaying it. When democracy in the country is not being protected, it will be abused anyhow and by so doing it will destroy the peaceful atmosphere in the country.

No right-thinking Ghanaian should even think of coup d’etat coming back again in Ghana. All the toils of the various presidents who ruled since 1992 when Ghana launched into a democratic state will be in vain.

Coup d'etat will come and vandalise every successful mark the country has chalked in the democratic regime. Ghanaians should keep recycling the political parties into power and gradually Ghana will one day become a developed state.

There shouldn't be any turning back to military coup d’etat. If the military recaptures power to govern the country, most state properties will be confiscated and shared among themselves.

Initially, they will behave like they are coming into power for the less privileged and the poor, but as time goes on their true colours of wickedness will come in full glare.

Let's kick against a military coup d’etat in Ghana.