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General News of Sunday, 8 October 2017


I thought the world was coming to an end - Gas explosion victim narrates his story

For many of the survivals in Saturday night’s gas explosion at Mandina Junction in Accra, they ran not because of the threat the explosion posed to their lives but they thought the world is coming to an end.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Graphic Online, an injured victim in the explosion, Samuel Yeboah, a teacher, said although they heard the loud noise of the explosion, they thought the world has come to an end.

“You could even see a pin on the ground at the time although it was in the night so I thought the world has come to an end”, he said.

He said his house was not too far from the accident scene so when the fire started wafting in the skies, he thought that his house will certainly catch fire, hence, his decision to run away.

“My house is not too far from the gas station… so I started running as soon as I saw the flames in the skies, it was very frightening…..”, Yeboah told Graphic Online.

According to him, there was no particular direction one could run to as the firestorms brightened every direction they were running to.

“I was confused at a point because everywhere was brightened by the fire….. I didn’t know where the fire was coming from….. I was just running and running”, he said.

Yeboah added that “I fell down more than four times and hit my toes against stones many times….I thought I will die. In fact, I didn’t know how I got to Agyiriganno from Madina on foot”.

According to him, some of the injured persons were knocked down by the moving vehicles.

“I saw some people being knocked down by vehicles. It was a chaotic moment. People were running away and the vehicles too were trying to run to safety”, he explained.

He thanked God for saving his life during the gas explosion.