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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Columnist: Mohammed, Umar Najeeb

Re: Wereko-Brobby Writes: Resploste to Ampofo

To the fate of the defense attorney, defending a bad case, you delay the process. To the fate of the opinion writer, without facts, you create a straw man - and argue with the straw man. The later was exactly what Dr. Wereku Breku did in his article published on myjoyonline .com entitle: Wereko-Brobby Writes: Riposte to Ampofo.
Mr. Brobby created a straw man and not only argued with the straw man but indicted all Ghanaians leaving abroad –especially students. I would not have responded to the article but he challenged us- Ghanaians abroad -to respond and he will be back. Here is it Mr. Brobby.
Mr. Brobby, I am sorry to tell you from the comfort of my living room in North America-USA- that everything you said in the article was terribly damn wrong to put it lightly, in fact, it was a bunch of B.S mongering rhetoric with all the logical substances striped away. Let me clear your mess if I may.
Mr. Brobby claimed that he has been fighting for Ghana’s Democracy without giving us a single example of a fight has done for the past, ahem, 25 years. We know it’s false. We (Ghanaians) do not have any evidence to prove that, Mr. Brobby, did indeed personally fought for Ghana’s Democracy. I do not need to be a gazillion years old to know that. Consider, Mr. Pratt or Kwaku Baako whom we can associate for fighting to strengthen Ghana’s Democracy, has done done things such as June 4thor Kome Preko . Being a card bearing member of a political party does not give you the license to personally celebrate glory or pat your back for every success of the party. It’s like a reserve player patting his or her back for scoring a goal, when he or she did not even step on the field.
Mr. Brobby owns victory and disowns failure, in the same article. That is how shallow his is. That is how dishonest he is. That is why I am taking up the challenge to lure him to read his own article with an independent thinking. He said in Paragraph # 2
“Indeed, if you will care to know, even when I did go my own way in 2000, it was the monitoring organization I put together for the 2nd round of the elections, which ensured that the victory that Kufuor won was actually made manifest in the declaration of the outcome. Ditto, 2004.”
And then in Pargraph # 4
“If folks like you had brought your undoubted knowledge and skills to the cause of the party the points where it mattered, i. e at the polling stations, we would have made sure that the will of the people of Ghana to have an NPP Government again, expressed in the December 2012 elections, would have been manifested.”
Wow, what a disingenuous person? Mr. Brobby was responsible for his party’s victories when he was no longer with the party; and others, hippie, silly and dumb headed NPP members abroad, are responsible for the party’s loss, when in fact Mr. Brobby was in the party and (I think) part of the party’s campaign team in the year that it loss (maybe). This is the kind person we are dealing with; so disingenuous, so inconsistent, and so illogical.
The most bizarre, arguable the most pompous and the easily refutable claim with empirical evidence of all his claims is that, he chose “to let his actions do his bidding” and not his words. His actions are indeed laud enough to speak for him. Fortunately, the efficiency of a leader can actually be measured. Not too long ago there was a guy name, Dr. Wereko Brobby, who was the CEO of VRA, and later became the CEO of Ghana @ 50. Let’s see how he managed both institutions? It was exceptionally and uniquely, a heck of, a terrible job in both instances. Take VRA for instances, during and after Mr. Brobby tenure as the CEO of VRA, Ghana went true load shedding. And he could not solve it. The least mention of Ghana @ 50, seven years after its celebration, the nation is still been hunted with its bills, gargantuan judgments debts and unscrupulous law suits.
And to the reason I am writing this responds.
Mr. Brobby either naively (which I doubt) or ungratefully insinuated in some sentences to imply that all PHD’s from all universities are equal. And every PHD holder has the same level of knowledge, which is absurd and inane for a big brain (I think). Mr. Brobby all degrees are not the same. Some universities degrees are more rigorous than others. Some universities degrees are more comprehensive than others. Some universities are taught by more qualifies professors than others. Mr. Brobby, do you, honestly, think a high school diploma from Wesley Girls’ High school is the same as that of Kumbugu High School or an engineering degree from MIT is the same as that of All Nations University?
I hate to say it to you Mr. Brobby, a PHD does not give you the license to all knowledge but to a very specific kind of knowledge. Therefore, your PHD does not embolden you to argue certain matters; say literature, with the same veracity as that of a literature PHD holder.
To fully enjoy the comfort of my living room in America, I will live it to that –at least for now.