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Sports Features of Monday, 10 December 2018


Has Dogboe fought too many times in 2018? No, he hasn't

A lot of blame going on for the Isaac Dogboe loss to Emanuel Navarette this weekend.

That's normal. When you win, you get praised. You lose, the fault has to be found.

But let's keep it in mind that he is young and feels fit. This is the time of his life to do the heavy lifting.

That's why he has fought four times this year.

He was chasing a dream, he wanted to be a world champion.

Questions have been asked about whether he rushed into those three fights this year. The answer is a 'no'.

First, his fight history.

2015: Eight fights. Four of those were 6-round fights, two were 8-rounders, two were 12-rounders.

Here, you can clearly see the gradual progression as he was being groomed and built. He won all eight fights.

2016: Four fights, won all - two TKOs, two by unanimous decision.

2017: One fight. He copped a victory vs Javier Chacon. The Argentine retired after six rounds. That was in July. Dogboe next fought in January 2018, six months later.

That's more than enough time for him to have returned to shape.

Now, let's examine HOW his fights have ended in 2018.

January: Cesar Juarez. 5th round TKO.

April: Jessie Magdaleno. 11th round KO.

August: Hidenori Otake. 1st round TKO.

If I were his adviser, looking at how the lad feels will be paramount. Once his team felt it was physically fine to have these four fights, no problem.

After beating Magdaleno, Isaac became a world champion. That title comes with responsibility. You've got to defend the title in a certain period. And that's what he did.

We can talk about his lack of preparation for THIS particular fight - something his dad has confessed to. That's another issue.

But the analysis that four fights in a year were too many isn't always the case. Particularly for someone of this boxer's rigour and history.

Note also that in almost all the three previous 2018 bouts before this weekend, it was Dogboe who inflicted damage on his opponents, so recovery was not much of an issue.

If he had been battered and then rushed back, we would have a cause to rant.

Context is key.