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Opinions of Sunday, 14 December 2008

Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede

Is it about time Ghana starts investing heavily in education

.....and ICT for all its children?
Ghana must reflect on the living conditons in the Gaza strip. Yet there is transformation within this Gaza.
Are we aware that teachers are going to work without pay for the past 6 months and still educating the children, with the hope of changing the fate of their country? Poverty in Ghana must be the thing of the past in 2009 and beyond.
Ghana has peace and freedom yet our priority is instead investing in a Presidential Palace, Ghana @ 50 and unnecessary foreign travels by the Government and their immediate familes?
What is our problem ? Is it greed, or arrogance?
Why are Ghanaians not challenging when our hard earn hard currencies is used to benefit just a minority.
This time I urge every Ghanaian school going kid to challenge any Minister in their region and hold them to account for every penny spent on development issues in Ghana. There is no sitting down to wait patiently for events to happen. Particularly, upgrading our educational level to match with the educational expectations in the West.
Demand, demand, demand; and vote the right person into power. Some one with the countries progress at heart. Some one who really understands the suffering of those schooling under trees in our rural regions.
Ghanaians should speak out and demand the right services for each of their communities instead of waiting for NGO to dictate to them what they need to do.
The future is in our hands and we want a real transformation to be like Maylasia who have gone from strength to strength since independance and currently are a model of success in the developing world.
Ghana can achieve greater things.