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Opinions of Thursday, 24 June 2021

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Government of Ghana is a ‘thief’

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

The Nana Addo government, since its takeover of governance in 2017, in the country, has rubbed Ghanaians of any wealth due them. I describe this government as a “big-time professional thief”, using pens as their weapon. The NDC minority group shouldn’t think that they’re exempted from this planned stealing to get every Ghanaian poor.

Are there not NPP and NDC members in parliament? Don’t they sit under the same roof? Do they not have the same function: to make laws for the nation? The government ruling the country now is a combination of the NDC members and the NPP members in parliament with Nana Addo, the over leader, Ghanaians must take note. Why must you all not be blamed for the financial duping that is happening? You the NDC members in parliament sit conformably on the floor of parliament and only dangle issues, you only confuse the public but do nothing about what needs to be done.

You guys have the power to query the president and any other person who is placed to act in the interest of the nation should things go as not planned, and what do Ghanaians see? You only talk, yark, make noise and run to Ghanaians who have entrusted their will into your hands to defend them, only for you to be sympathised with. What are all these theft cases Ghanaians are getting?

That the president of the Republic of Ghana went in for a luxurious jet for his travel, that the poor Ghanaians are to pay 15000 pounds per hour. That the president could not directly deal with Covid-19 Vaccine manufacturers but went in for a middle man even when WHO has advised otherwise? That the president is supporting corrupt acts. Wait for a second, my dear NDC minority group, do not think that you guys can go on with the old practice of blaming everything on the president when the leader is not from your party as you’re doing; you are part of that government and you’re accountable to my constituency that you represent and to others as well.

If indeed the president didn’t consider the amount the nation has before going in for that jet, the jet with a bathroom, toilet and a salon, what are you supposed to do? Drag him to court!

After all, that is your importance in the house. Hon. Haruna, could you please use your sound logic to push for a case between the president and the nation on mismanagement of national funds? Ghanaians are tired of the plenty noise, and the no-action tricks. Act if you men in the house have balls in your scrotums. Don’t you have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel the depletion taking place?

Hon. Kyei Bonsu, imagine it is your own son destroying the wealth you have all your life worked for your generation; will you still look on for it to be destroyed. The captain of the ship saw it sinking and didn’t care; perhaps, he thought he could float after the sinking, he only found himself in court facing trials. Sometimes we have to prosecute our only son if that will save the family. It’s rather unfortunate that in Ghana, politicians are the 'Untouchables'. They have made the laws for the weak and those they oppress. Otherwise, from the time of Atta Mills till now, Nsawam prison should be full of politicians. What makes this gang national stealing interesting is the blame game that parliamentarians try to play in order that the populace gets confused afterwards. Before I end my speech, I would like to make things clearer:

That for the president to choose that jet, he knew Ghana has more than that amount. That Ghanaians are fools. Is about time Ghana made an international headline in the news with the first criminal case between the president and the state. Hope to see that happen soon.

That the office of the special prosecutor is of no use in the history of Ghanaian politics so far as prosecuting criminal offences are concerned.