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Opinions of Sunday, 31 August 2014

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Alan Kyeremanteng writes and tags Katakayie

Alan Kyeremanteng writes and tags Katakayie Opoku Agyemang as the AUTHOR

By: Fadi Samih Dabbousi

Absurdity is now commonplace, especially, since perceived, self-imposed elders stoop low as to put well-articulated desultory statements in the mouths of their scavengers to spew out in public.
All those who have read the true articles of katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang can tell that his command of the English language is worse than John Mahama’s command of the sinking ship. In fact his actual articles are usually reflective of his shambolic and skewed image that is quite offending, made even worse by the apology of a character that he is.
This time, Alan Kyeremanteng, pops his head once again with a submission; one, which is laden with fallacies and inconsistencies as has been his trademark from the onset. The truth of the matter is that Alan’s hatred for persons who have made an impact on their societies and nations is clear and same is no different with regards to the mortifying disaffection for Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.
I must state for the records that although I am not an Alan fan, I had always deemed him of good character until I discovered his selfishness and egocentrism. I strongly believe that he is a doomsday prophet who wants to taint and tarnish Nana Akufo-Addo’s bid to become Flagbearer of the NPP to lead us to certain victory in 2016.
In his baseless, useless, graceless and senseless article, “Don't Allow Akufo-Addo to 'Fool' you for the Third Time”, he lied by forcing an erroneous statement down Nana’s throat, “Any Candidate who is elected the Presidential Candidate of the NPP had already secured 30% of the total valid votes”. That certainly is a fallacy because Nana never pegged the figure at 30% but rather a minimum of 42%. The difference between that point and the win mark makes up the base for floating voters.
Alan’s conceitedness, coupled with his pride, make him quite an uncongenial character, who will send the floating voters into hibernation should he be given the nod to become Flagbearer. Not only can my proclamations be supported with myriads of reasons but the whole country knows the bare facts about his escapades with NDC gurus and his love partner in Ghanaian politics, John Mahama. So it is a BIG sin for someone as Alan to cry foul when he stinks of it to eternity.
Even more preposterous is the statement in that article about an Alan-Bawumia marriage, which is another hypocritical never-to-happen lie; even Dr Bawumia would not accept to contest with such a person, I believe. Then Alan, using katakyie as his scapegoat, talks about Nana being away in London for six months. The paradoxical parody in this is that, ironically, Alan stayed away for four years only to resurface in 2012 to contest flagbearership of the NPP, which he lost abysmally too, after receiving a sound trashing in 2008. Then he goes on to state that Nana supports violence against the NPP executives; MY GOD!!! What disgraceful talk coming out from this buffoon. Knowing that Nana never supported violence when he had the opportunity to incite it and go scot-free, how would he condone any such violence against his comrades? This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy having seen the Alan scamps in their dubious manner of creating shameful and detestable acrimony between fellow patriots.
Shame on you Alan and doubly shame on you katakyie for accepting to be the mouth to spew the dirt that your master wrote for you.
No nation-builder, a true patriot of the Ghanaian cause, worth his sort, would give Alan’s chaff any thought because it is too light for relevance anyway. His childish, ineffably unacceptable, pronouncements about Nana dropping the winning regions from 6 to 2 smacks of cynicism knowing that it is another brazen lie. Everyone saw how the good people of this country were disenfranchised and how Nana Akufo-Addo selflessly served his nation with impeccable patriotism bringing about peace and a stronger democracy that Alan is utilising wrongly in his fraudulent campaign. Yes FRAUDULENT and it is one word that sums up his message to Ghanaians. His outright lies are misleading to say the least and anything in that arena leads to fraud of the faculty - DISILLUSIONMENT; a mirage in a desert that leaves delegates chasing the imaginary pond of water that is really never there.
Ghana, Ghanaians, fellow patriots and delegates, is that what we want? Do we crave for perpetual thirst, which will be our doom should Alan be the flagbearer of the NPP? As sure as night breaks into day and the sun rises thereafter, we will never see victory with Alan. We will neither get floating voters nor sympathisers from other political parties. The absolute gibberish that smells badly emanating from Alan Kyeremanteng and the noise that is typical of GAKE of which Katakyie is an executive calls for chastisement and castigation, more of Alan than his scavengers because were it not the bones that he drops for them, they will not find the time to waste on his uselessness.
When the dust settles and Nana Akufo-Addo emerges winner, two things will happen as a matter of course: that his idiots will come looking for bones in Nana’s camp or the party headquarters; or they will make true on their word to vote for NDC and that is tantamount to inter-NPP treason, which they will not be spared for if they did. It is a crime to carry an NPP membership card and vote for other parties as they have threatened and should I be able to adduce evidence to that effect, I will sue them one by one in the court of law, including their ace deceiver, Alan; SO HELP ME GOD.
Alan Kyeremanteng, when will you ever stop lying? When will you ever stop your chicanery? When will you ever come to the realisation that a new awakening has set prominence in the NPP agenda where flimflam characters are unwelcome; where defectors and stowaways are not tolerated? When will you ever heed the call of awakening to the new dawn of togetherness; of burying the hatchet and moving on in unison? I am embarrassed that you are an NPP (stalwart?) and I am just as disappointed in the hierarchy of our party for not bringing unruly characters like you, Arthur kennedy, Apraku and others to book.
Suffice it to say that the delegates will bring you all to book when they vote in unison Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, the heartthrob of NPP delegates and Oman Ghana.
#IAmForNana #SheiNanaSheiBawumia

SGD: Fadi Samih Dabbousi
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