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Rawlings Feels Mocked by June 4th Slogan
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Opinions of Thursday, 10 June 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Rawlings Feels Mocked by June 4th Slogan

Rawlings Feels Mocked by June 4th Slogan, "Accountability, Probity & Transparency"

This article is dedicated to those unknown persons, Araba and Asaba, whose edifying comments or constructive criticisms are another source of invigoration that keeps my public sharing of ideas going. They are in my estimation ideal persons who don't stoop for cheap propaganda. If all those fanatics kissing the feet of the Rawlingses would behave responsibly as these two unknown mentioned persons, Ghana would be such a utopia to live in.

The very moment the needy shows tearful pity towards a rich man, then something illogical has either taken place, or is about to take place, or is taking place, in the life of that affluent person. Needy as I am, I pity the precarious situation in which the noble President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency J.E.A. Mills, finds himself. He has since his ascension to power as the President of Ghana come under the never-ceasing but hypocritical bad-mouthing cum subversive attacks by his former boss, Tobge Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings. The piteous cries for help expressed in utter silence only through the body language as very explicitly shown on the not age's sullen face of President Mills are heard by God. God will surely favourably answer the tearful supplications of President Mills to Him if and only if, Mr. Mills will keep to his faith of being the known Mr. Squeaky Clean by whipping his Government Ministers and appointed officials into line as and when needed.

Rawlings as tainted with crimes and hallucinatory as he has always been is purely jealous of the intellectualness, respectability and respectfulness of academician J.E.A. Mills. He, with that trace of infested Ghanaian Acquired Syndrome called PhD (Pull Him Down) diagnostically found in him in abundance, hates Mr. Mills with passion and may probably wish he was dead. Oh, what a shame!

It is very unfortunate to note that some of the government officials appointed by President Mills to help him steer the country out of the supposed "Plains of Hopelessness" to the "Sugar Candy Mountain" are covertly or overtly sabotaging his efforts. They have by their craftiness removed the step-ladder or the chair on which he stands. Was it not about four or few days ago, 4th June 2010, that they assisted in a celebration that is not only loathed by the majority of Ghanaians but vehemently opposed by our sensible President? Were they not in their numbers to flock to the Jubilee House arm in arm with their red identification scarves and bands around their necks and foreheads as though they had lost a dear member of the family and in mourning to lay wreaths? In whose honour were the wreaths laid? The last time I checked when holidaying in Ghana, Former President Kufour had not erected a Cenotaph in the forecourt of the Jubilee House in honour of the fallen soldiers and victim-supporters of the June 4th military uprising yet, wreaths were laid in their honour. As conversant with the law as he is, and being Father of the Nation, President Mills has vowed not to partake in any silly celebrations of the sort of June 4th and 31st December that seek to divide but not to unite the people of Ghana. When he was not a President, he behaved as a child by participating in such cankerous celebrations but now as the President, he will behave differently as a responsible adult.

Peace of mind is something which is priceless. The unlimited potential of President Mills cannot be exploited to the benefit of Ghana while Rawlings and his ilk, a pride of roaring lions, are at his heels howling their nonsensical ideas. Before I continue any further, I should like to define the following words which have become the deceptive pivots of the Rawlings' anathema revolutions.

ACCOUNTABILITY is the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.

PROBITY is integrity and uprightness; honesty

TRANSPARENCY is the quality or state of being transparent (Transparent is "easily seen through, recognized, or detected" or frank, open, candid).

Would my readers please bear with me while I take a few minutes of your precious time to punch holes in the nonsensicality and hypocrisy of Rawlings, the preacher of APT but not its doer? Has Rawlings ever been prepared to be held accountable for his misdeeds? If he had, why then is he stubbornly cloaked in a metal shield of Constitutional "NO ACCOUNTABILITY but INDEMNITY?" Is he not the one who once collected our 50 Cedi notes most of which were never refunded to their owners even though the notes were still legal tender? Is it not this money that he used to enrich his friends who later paid him in kind by catering for his children's expensive UK's schooling, buying him Pleasure boats and armoured SUVS (armoured cars)? Is Rawlings ready to answer for the numerous deaths and disappearances of people that occurred under his oppressive NDC let alone, the AFRC and PNDC regimes? Has he not made himself a Goliath whose only appearance in public is enough to put people to flight? Has he not by his monstrosity made himself unaccountable to anyone in Ghana? Is he not the one who preaches virtue at day time but quick to practice vices under the cover of darkness? Is he ready to explain how his government-assigned residence came to burn as according to his unintelligent Spokesperson, Kofi Adams, he knows why? Does persistently and stubbornly withholding vital information of curious national interest make you accountable? Rawlings, excuse me to say, does either not understand what accountability is, or does not want it apply to him. What a deceiver living in the abyss of ignorance?

On probity, is he not found wanting? Is he not the one who lies between his teeth, saying, "I know who killed the Accra Street call girls but I will not disclose their identity until I am taken before the Nana Antoa Nyamaa shrine in Kumasi-Antoa or made to go through a lie detector test?" Is it not Rawlings who in a bid to scoring cheap political popularity, fans the flame or the embers of anger to courting the support of our unsuspecting Northern compatriots said, “I know who killed Yar'na Yakubu Andani and his entourage but will not reveal their identities until later?” Is he not the same treacherous guy who is unceasingly scheming against sitting Ghanaian Presidents? Did he not call the NDC former Security capos to a secret meeting in his now burnt Ridge residence to discuss the security of the nation at President Kufuor's time? Did he not sneak himself into the Kotoka airport's high security and highly restricted area to take pictures and absconded with them without President Mills' knowledge or authorisation? Was he not the man who continually in his silly foreign talks advised foreigners not to invest in Ghana during Former President Kufour’s rule? How honest can he be after indulging in all these acts which are not only criminal conducts but highly subversive in nature? How can he check into a Swiss hospital on admission, impersonating a known or unknown person by name Paul Gyamfi, sneakily discharging himself with a trail of debt left behind? Had he not projected the Asantes in a bad light as most people simply upon hearing the name will say, "yes, he is an Asante who has committed that crime?", thereby leaving the Asante tribe to ridicule by the very notorious "Ayigbes" of whom Rawlings is one? Is this probity to you, Mr. Rawlings? Is this the probity that the NDC foot-soldiers are fronting for? Please count me out as I would not like to have anything to do with sham. What further integrity has Rawlings after accusing his fellow soldiers of enriching themselves unnecessarily by dabbling in politics only to find himself commit same crime a hundredfold? Much as I detest the corruption in perpetuation by our disgraceful politicians and would wish to see them rot in prison or hell, how justified is Rawlings calling the shots? Does he not equate with that proverbial pot that has the shameless audacity to call the kettle you are black? He is suffering permanent insomnia over the fact that President Mills has not imprisoned all Kufuor’s Ministers. Does that mean honesty on his part knowing he is a “big big thief” as my Asian/Indian work colleague, Bob Singh Sandhu, normally calls anyone he knows or perceives as a big time thief?

On transparency, why can't Rawlings tell us who his friends are/were that paid for his children's expensive overseas schooling, purchased him bullet proof cars and speed boats? Is it enough to always mention my friends are doing me this or that favour but I will not name them? What notable personal service did he render them to merit such favourable payment in kind? Is Rawlings not as corrupt as those he stupidly accuses of corruption whom he fervently wants to see incarcerated for good? According to Kofi Adams, Spokesperson for Rawlings, Rawlings could have offered information and explanation necessary enough to help the Fire Brigade find the actual cause of the fire that gutted Rawlings' residence at Ridge if he had been contacted. Why did he not volunteer the information if he has any as being alleged by Kofi Adams? Why then are they cunningly holding Nana Darkwah Baafi blameable for the truth said? Are these the traits of a transparent person?

Rawlings and his followers who are full of selfishness to the brim and are overflowing with what are sheer stupidity and callousness should please give me a break. They are simply buzzing flies disturbing my ears and peace of mind with their outrageous slogan of "Accountability, Probity and Transparency" Has Rawlings, the proponent of the above slogan not himself sought refuge in an impenetrable cocoon of "No Accountability but Indemnity" as entrenched in the Ghana's Constitution at his nonnegotiable or obliging behest? Is this not what has made the coward a false strongman who keeps terrorizing people? The day that he will be stripped of that metal cloak, all will see how fragile and skeletal he actually is. Shame on him!

There is a time for everything... as stated in the Bible at Ecclesiastes 3:1. A time to brag and a time to plead, a time to boast and a time to cower, a time to terrorize and a time to be terrorized. Also a saying goes, "every Frenchman and their Waterloo". As Rawlings has come to see himself as Ghana's Goliath, he will surely meet his David sooner. What a Rawlings with his tawdry motives or secrets about the slogan – “Accountability, Probity and Transparency?”

Rockson Adofo

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