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General News of Saturday, 26 November 2016


Gov’t in bed with Woyome – Nana Sarpong

A member of Occupy Ghana, Nana Sarpong Agyeman Badu is questioning if the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is in bed with beleaguered businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome to warrant another contract after his judgement debt scandal.

Occupy Ghana in a statement issued on Thursday stated that ‘on the blind side of Ghanaians, government entered into a “confidential” and potentially lucrative agreement with Woyome, acting through one of his companies, Anator Holding Company Limited in 2015.

The Framework Agreement with Ghana is expressed to have been entered into so that Woyome’s company can raise an initial financing of US$8.5M just for feasibility studies’.

Mr Woyome is purportedly contracted to “develop deep seaports (including) industrial parks and green townships” in Ghana.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Mr Agyeman Badu requested government to come clean with the new contract.

He indicated that it is wrong for the government to give another contract to Mr Woyome oblivious of the money he owes the country which is being battled out in court.

The Occupy Ghana member stated that the President should have known that Mr Woyome has credibility issues claiming its a calculated attempt by the President to aide the latter pay his debt.

‘The full amount for the project could actually be more than the money we put across. We want government to come clean on this, we want them to tell us the amount this whole project is intended to cost. And why they are giving the contract to Mr Woyome, when we know Mr Woyome still owes the country some money.

For us it doesn’t make sense, when someone owes you money and wanting to perform a job for you, a contract, naturally nobody will want to do that. If I owe you money and I say give me a contract, I doubt if you will do that. There is something fishy going on and we are giving government the opportunity to come clean before Ghanaians. Definitely you could think that the government is in bed with Mr Woyome to help him pay back his money,’ he alleged.

He wondered if the contract went through the statutory and procurement process.