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Opinions of Friday, 21 January 2022

Columnist: Henry Kofi Quarshie

Good initiative

At a time when the chronic unemployment situation in the country has caused a lot of youths to join the “No Job” chorus, Mr. Frempong is being useful to himself and his community. He has decided to do what others may consider menial and even uncharacteristic for a man. He is selling food items, ingredients of every daily meal in a mobile shop.

Frempong takes on a market dominated by women through his innovation that makes it more attractive and accessible to the larger community.

I am glad my children got to see entrepreneurship of this novel kind first hand.

As many continue to complain about the lack of jobs, Mr. Frempong is pointing out that we must find our own legitimate path to creating jobs and wealth.

By way of encouraging the industrious young man, I supported him with an undisclosed amount of money to expand his business.

May we thus be inspired to find supply gaps in our communities and fill them, like Mr. Frempong is doing so well. That way, we'll be changing the status quo while bringing progress to our communities and, ultimately, to our nation.

Let’s build together!