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Opinions of Thursday, 12 May 2022

Columnist: Edward Kyei Frimpong

Give God a chance

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The journey of life propels people to move to a certain direction and take vital decisions that finetune their ultimate destination over a period of time. Some of these decisions are taken out of curiosity whiles others are inspired by the intellectual knowledge acquired in school.

Regardless of the source of every decision taken, there are definite consequences that follow right after. The mistake people mostly make is taking God out of the equation when deciding on various vital issues of their lives.

The analogy that experience is the best teacher in life is not always applicable when it comes to certain delicate issues of life.

One must understand that life itself is spiritual and that there’s always the need to inundate your spiritual understanding of circumstances of life. There are situations that require a higher force of nature to resolve it. Sometimes after applying all the mental knowledge all to no avail, people simply give up without consulting the guidance of God.

People seem to be so self-dependent to the extent, they feel they can do everything all by themselves. The fact remains; no matter how strong and intelligent a man may be, he will still need God’s influence at a point in time to continue the journey of life.

For many, life is full of mysteries and uncertainties simply because that is all their natural minds have been fed with. They suddenly face some overwhelming challenges, and they resort to the weakly option of giving up in life. This mostly happen to people who have not given God a chance in their lives to be the driver and chief pilot through this journey of life.

Life truly becomes gloomy without the light and direction of God showing you the path of success. A lot of people miss their way and give up on their dreams because of their lack of the God factor that is the master key to greatness. If only people will give God a chance, their lives would be totally transformed.

A lot of people seem to forget about the existence of God until trouble strikes and they have nowhere to run to for help. That’s the only point they begin to appreciate the power of God to transform every one of life’s situations. It’s really not worth it to wait till your situation gets worse before running back to God.

It’s interesting to note that God has always been waiting for man’s company and relationship. He has always been willing to offer help. However, it is sad that people have turned deaf ears to his invitation. Nonetheless, now is the time to commit every area of your life to God to grant you wisdom and direction to progress and succeed in this ‘crazy world.’