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Opinions of Monday, 28 June 2021

Columnist: Iddrissu Oware

Ghanaians are worried over broad day armed robbery

The writer says working hand in hand with the police is the best way to reduce robbery cases The writer says working hand in hand with the police is the best way to reduce robbery cases

Broad-day armed robbers who operate without face masks have made it unfriendly for people to walk out of the bank or a mobile money shop and the invisible operations of these armed robbers have put me in a state of dumbfounding.

People are scared and terrified to hold suite case and backpacks behind their back day and night and stand at vantage places in the country. Vendors, Mobile Money merchants, and businessmen cannot close at their wishful time because their lives might be monitored.

I ask myself as a writer, that who should be blamed and who should be queried, as to whether it should be the law that guarantees individuals permission to own a gun or the Ghana police Department for less security or the Immigration department for not taking effective monitor on the guns that are imported into the country.

Of course, this feeds into a larger rate of vulnerability to both interior and exterior workers, in some days before, when the police force and the general public faced the titans of an armed robbery at midnight, they had face masks on to disguise themselves, but this time around they come physically fit at day without masks to physically rob and kill.

The voluntary ownership of guns has kept me in a state of believing that, someway somehow the constitution has permitted some criminal people to take advantage of the privilege given, because whilst others use the licensed gun for protection, others will be using it for a criminal purpose.

This in other ways makes the work of the police difficult, scary and dangerous and puts the lives of the ordinary in danger. The auspices of mining were one of the facts that emanated from individuals’ interest in owning a gun, likewise what shall happen if there is no mining?

The just ended case of one police in a bullion van who met his death in a very sporadic manner, tells us how unsafe both the security promoters and ordinary civilians are.

These daylight armed robbers are unperceivable but not more than the tactics of a trained police officer, an explicit and effective stratagem delivered by the police can stop the work of these heist in the country, also, regular barricade at vantage points can help minimize the act, therefore, if police who are assigned at these barriers are not interested in the small exchange they take, it will be a good idea to quench the robbery also, hence, they won’t be deceived by any person wanting to give bribe.

To some point, if the police are given well-equipped materials like, bulletproof vests and well-built helmets that can protect them from gunshots and other attacks from robbers, they can help fight these armed men boot for boot.

Frequent patrol of the police in the country at especially daytime in market places and poking their nose in every nook and cranny place is a key factor that should be considered.

The police should not be hesitant towards calls that come from civilians on criminal acts but should respond to them with immediacy since it might include the lives of innocent people.

Less I forget, Businessmen, Market women, and Mobile money vendors should be careful about their time of closure from work; they should also not delay calling for help when there is any suspicion of such crimes.

I would like to pause my writing by saying that working hand in hand with the police is the best way to reduce these atrocities by some group of people and by leaving a quote that says, “who watches over the watchman when the watchman sleeps?”