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Opinions of Sunday, 13 September 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Some Kumawu Sub-chiefs are Plotting Against the Supporters of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V

In this day and age where civilized persons are seeking to better their environment and the living standards of their people, this is contrary the case in Kumawu. Kumawu should have rivalled Kumasi in eminence; in every facet of her life - size, population, essential and infrastructural developments, if history was anything to go by. However, it is rather lagging behind, many light years away from Kumasi. Why this, one may ask? It is all because of the calibre of our traditional leaders in place. Most of them are selfishly greedy and they lack foresight hence the retrogression, but not the stagnation, let alone the progress, of, Kumawuman.

As I keep saying, God in his own wisdom has ordained a person after his own heart to liberate Kumawuman and her citizens from the hands of a wicked family and most importantly, from a wicked and an uncivilized queen. Prior to becoming the queen twenty-five years ago, she lived in Toronto, Canada. Instead of helping to make Kumawu a small Toronto, she has rather made it worse than a typical poverty-stricken village situated in a remote part of Ghana.

When the most famous and most popular God's ordained chief, Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, attended the late Kumawu Kontrihene's funeral to, swear the departing oath to his dead body in accordance with tradition, on Thursday 27 August 2015, the following happened. The supporters of the alleged, but unpopular puppet, Kumawuhene Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah, arranged to infiltrate the crowd following Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V to the funeral with their own accomplices. The intention was to video those following him so that they could cause their arrest.

They tasked the following persons to video the occasion with intention of punishing anyone captured on video, presumed to be a follower of Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V. They are one young man going by the name ALHAJI, the son of Kumawu Ankobeahemaa, the diehard supporter of Kumawuhemaa Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah. The second is one AMMA NYARKO who lives at Fotenemu in Kumawu. She is a salon hairdresser and a video camerawoman. Her father was the late security guard at the Kumawu Rural Bank. The last but not the least, of the employed accomplices, is one Koo Basoah, the son of Kooben of Etia and the late Madam Abenaa Konadu.

As soon as they submitted their video recorded with spite to their employers, surely Dr Yaw Sarfo and his malicious sub-chiefs who are devoid of love of Kumawuman and her inhabitants, they quickly lodged a complaint with Kumawu police. They want the police to arrest some mentioned people. What is the crime of those that they want the police to arrest?

Are the sub-chiefs behaving like ignorant persons who have been robbed of their common sense? Have they not got grey matter in their cranium? Do they think the police are stupid enough to jump at the crack of their finger to do their bidding? Do they think the police have not learnt their lesson after Nathan Kofi Boakye previously behaving irresponsibly in breach of the laws, same ignorantly believing Ashanti region operates on a totally different pedestal from the rest of the nation? The police are no longer at the beck and call of Dr Yaw Sarfo and Kumawuhemaa. The police cannot simply arrest anyone for following, or declaring their allegiance to, Kumawuhene Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V, a true royal with matrilineal lineage to Barimah Tweneboah Koduah I, the originator of the paramount Kumawu Koduah Stool.

The sub-chiefs who run to the police to lodge that silly complaint are Kumawu Saamahene Osei Kwame, unfortunately an alumnus of formerly Kumawu Tweneboah Koduah Secondary School. The others are Kyeame Osei, a known wicked person without comparison in Kumawuman. To this man, compassion for a fellow human being is completely anathema to him; Kumawu Gyasehene Nana Okyere Agyei who described in detail how himself and other sub-chiefs involved themselves in graft as appears in YouTube posting titled, "Asantehene involves in corruption" and a fourth person whose name has unfortunately just escaped my mind.

Are these sub-chiefs serious at all? They are the types who are consciously, but ignorantly aiding Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to rob Kumawuman in a broad daylight. They are the very ones who due to lack of knowledge, are going round saying Dr Yaw Sarfo, the alleged Kumawuhene going by the stool name Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah, has been enstooled by Asantehene and has subsequently been gazetted. This is purely bullshit! They are the same naive people fooling Asantehene into believing that he is an Asante Overlord who can do whatever he likes.

Being a no-nonsense man, I cannot stand these individuals who are apparently by their behaviour, deprived of care of duty to their people and environment. They do not even understand the duties of their office. They are not in any way of service to their people but are of service to their stomach.

I dare them to start arresting anyone and they will end up blaming themselves for the consequences or repercussions. They will bite their fingers in regret in the end. Look at the large following that Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V enjoys among the inhabitants of every town and village in Kumawuman. Compare it to that of the alleged Kumawuhene Barimah Tweneboah Koduah V and be judges unto yourselves if it is worth the course of action you are stupidly pursuing.

Visit Modernghana via the underlying link to see the video in which the mentioned persons criminally participated as elaborated above.

Or, you can check it on YouTube typing in "Kumawuhene Tweneboa Kodua V @ Kontihene's funeral" or simply "Kumawuhene Tweneboa Kodua V".

Whatever goes on in Kumawuman, I shall keep my worldwide fans and readers updated. So stay tuned! I love you all.

Rockson Adofo