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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Columnist: Tetteh Akunnor

Finding solace in weed, fraud

File photo of 'weed' File photo of 'weed'

Anytime I walk in town, I see many faces. I see the angry and dejected faces of the youth.

The youth are angry indeed. But I do not know why they are angry. Their only hope and faith is placed in lots of weed and hope that 'chairman' would pay - whether they will catch some ‘mugu’ or win a bet.

The hungry-angry youth to my surprise, are not interested in seeking any forms of employment - even those with tertiary certificates love to sit at home hoping for some manna to fall from the skies.

who ventured, quickly seek to quit because of extremely low wages. They, therefore, choose to stay in their rooms, ghetto, or the cemetery puffing on their weed and dreaming of the good gangster life. Life of the 'ghetto youth' - rulers of the neighbourhood and therefore untouchables.

The hungry-angry youth dream about an easy life in a music career. A career that would allow them to live their ghetto lives. They, therefore, love to spot the musician-celebrity look - dreadlocks, with tattoos, splattered all over their skins and/or piercings, anywhere imaginable and unimaginable on their bodies.

They look dejected indeed and do not see any help from society. Their only hope is in weed and fraud. The wee to dream about a utopian comfortable life and the fraud the means to get that comfortable life.

A wee-smoking unemployed youth is the most dangerous human on earth. He has no wife nor child and therefore lives a dangerous and carefree life. He does not care about the consequences of his actions or inactions.

Has our society failed the youth? Our future leaders seem not to be ready to lead in the future. We are bequeathing a sorrowful nation to a dejected generation.