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General News of Saturday, 7 October 2017


Explosion at Madina-Atomic junction

Residents in and around Madina, Atomic Junction and a section of the main campus of the University of Ghana run helter-skelter following an explosion that occured at a gas station at Atomic Junction, near Madina in the Greater Accra Region.

The residents, some of whom were almost half naked run for their lives following the explosion.

The nature of the explosion caused pandemonium in Madina, Legon and its environs.

It is unclear what might have led to the explosion.

The explosion has caused heavy vehicular traffic on the Accra-Aburi stretch of the road.

Reports coming in show road has been diverted as firefighters battle the raging fire.

Some people are seen evacuating their homes and some drivers have also been seen leaving their cars behind to seek safety.

Ambulances have been seen about 200metres away from the raging fire, some residents who live around the scene are seen wailing and lamenting about the horryifying and panicking situation. Some are unable to control their emotions.

Families have been displaced by this explosion and are no where to be found by relatives and loved ones.

Three fire tenders are seen on the grounds of the incedence ready to combat the raging fire, and ambulances are seen conveying the injured to nearby hospitals.

Twelve vehicles have been reported burnt without recognition and more fire tenders rushing in to the scene to calm the wild fire.

This explosion takes us back to history, June 3, 2015 twin disaster where about 150 people lost their lives at circle in Accra.

Injured persons have been admitted to the 37 military hospital for immediate care.

Students of the Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School have also reportedly fled their campus as they heard the loud explosion with some cases of injury reported due to stampede.

A taxi was seen moving away from the escalating flame at a top speed.