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Opinions of Thursday, 24 June 2021

Columnist: Kelvin Akrong

Equity: Let us be informed

Let us think and act alike so we can halt this widespread of inequality in our hearts Let us think and act alike so we can halt this widespread of inequality in our hearts

The world and its components dwell on the principle of equality. Feasible on paper but unrealistic in real life, isn't it?

In some cases, some will disagree and say, "'gender' are social ascribed roles to individual, and that we cannot perform the same functions at the same time, because of our capabilities and individual differences. Even if it is made equal, we will still struggle to fit in."

Well, it may not be all that true. I do not want to dwell on gender equality; I am lamenting on the 'widespread of inequality'.

Thus, let's look at the gulf between the 'rich and poor', the 'prudent and unlearned', the 'tall and short' etc. Now, let's look at this instance, an individual was not made tall by God to tease or exercise some level of authority over the short.

But he was made so to be able to reach for a fruit on a tree for the latter. Same applies to the short. He was made so in order to reach to the ground easily, helping the former with his pen when he drops it. Therefore they work together.

Let's further look at a scenario between the 'rich and poor'. It is commonly seen in our society that the poor are seen as "semi-useful." I say "semi-useful because none can be useless. So their only use is to render service to the rich, in other words, they are made inferior to the rich.

The disrespect and humiliation they face is appalling. In some cases, they are even denied entry into places. Should it be so?

I visited a cinema where I saw a movie, a scene really got me thinking. A man with some disability was denied an opportunity by some party planners to throw a party. He said to them; "People like you are the reason people like us do not progress. Even when we have the skills and knowledge to showcase what we have, we are turned down because of our disabilities". Is this the equality we profess?

I do say, it is better we inculcate this letter on 'widespread inequality' into the hearts of the upcoming generation and provide actions to remedy the matter.

In 2019, I visited an electoral commission station specified to issue voter's identity card for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections. I was not surprised when I saw some "yet-to-be" electorates like me passing the queue with the candidates, and immediately their cards were issued. Due to that, there was a commotion at the station, with people lamenting. I was quiet throughout. I was quiet because it was a common tradition.

I love the scriptures so much. They inspire me on things like this.

"But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality", biblically codified.

We are further admonished; to think of our brethren like unto ourselves, and be familiar with all and free with our substance, that they may be rich like unto us.

It is sometimes impossible yet possible to treat others equally. Until we have a united front, treating others with equity will be a façade. So then, let us think and act alike, for we can halt this widespread of inequality in our hearts and actions.