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Opinions of Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

Did Sarfoa deserve the 2021 GMB crown?

Winner of 2021 GMB, Sarfoa Winner of 2021 GMB, Sarfoa

YES, a big YES I'll say if I'm asked this question.

Though as a Bono from Goka - Jaman same as the Bono representative, Mfodwo, at the reality show, I would be expected to instead root for my compatriot.

That too is true, undeniable, since same had been every fan of the TV3 flagship reality show - Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB). We all support our regional Queens, sixteen of them, to reach the ultimate.

Nonetheless, I believe in hard work to achieve one's goal, and Mfodwo had a big score on that card too.

Week in week out, Mfodwo had shined and held aloft the Bono flag to the world with her magnificent performance in amplifying the dreams of neglected orphans of our society. Her presentations are emotive, infectious and embracing. She's still a winner in her own rights. The sixth-place she fell at the finals is a number that must complete the organigram of arguably the best pageant show Ghana will have in the Fourth Republic. Yes, it's only one head that must wear the crown, herein succeeding last year's winner, Naa of the Greater Accra region.

The truth of the matter is, when a reality show is having a monetization aspect of it to decide an ultimate winner, we should expect always that the highest bidder stands to carry the day.

I learnt this the hard way when I personally wrote scripts for a contestant in a renowned beauty pageant show not long ago. The Lady was exceptionally good with her performance throughout the entire duration of the show, yet she came a distant fourth, to the shock of many patrons of the programme who had downplayed the need to contribute the monetary aspect to brighten her chances. Seen?

That notwithstanding, the new Queen, the Sarfoa girl was on top of her game yesterday, and the crowning this morning (4th October 2021). She performed marvellously well. And if the finale is the measuring rule, she'd not won on fluke. She deserved it. Her region, the Ashanti region should be proud of her.

Mfodwo still needs our support to carry through her Orphanage project. We can mobilise and support her still to hoist high our Bono flag. She didn't disgrace us last night, though I hadn't followed the entire length of the programme this year as in the previous ones, safe the grand finale that I'd not even missed an advert.

I saw in Mfodwo yesterday the betters worth harnessing beyond the closure of the pageantry.

The organizers of the GMB show needs our commendation, their programme is so informative and educative. They're unearthing the hidden history of Ghana's diverse culture that'll potentially contribute to our knowledge basket.
I wonder if people are writing to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to adopt the GMB and protect it from any future endangering. Or I should by this piece start the campaign?
Time will tell.

With the intelligence Sarfoa presented her war against the bad state of our prison system as in line with the ideals of the faith she belongs to, Church of Pentecost (COP), if she's given the needed support it'll be a blessing prison break to contribute to the country's human capital and economy.
Prisoners need reformation, not to be outlawed and outcast.

Kudos, to you new Queen, Sarfoa.

Kudos to you all the other five finalists: Setor, Manu, Wedaga, Akosua and our Bono Queen, the beautiful adorable Mfodwo. You've all won from me imperishable gilded coronets.

Your performance this year will be enshrined in the golden history book of the GMB show as one SUPERB.