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Opinions of Monday, 28 June 2021

Columnist: Kwaku Kristo

Dear Mr. politician

The writer says, we need builders and repairers of the craft with skills and not just riders The writer says, we need builders and repairers of the craft with skills and not just riders

I write to you from Zongo communities, Kumerica the United States of Asante,
The nation within a nation with a great Monarch, great People, great food, and culture.

Mr politician, whether in the feather of the weather of the color on any ballot paper, I write to you to state that we have heard all your manifestos just like those previous years before elections and this time we want to give you our manifesto so all of you can read and bring us back a blueprint and an agreement to deliver contract papers before our traditional council.

Mr politician, it seems the Zongo communities are always left with the thinking that their loyalty must always be played on with the tribal string on the political guitar, and hence the rate of growth amongst these communities in Kumerica is poor.

I write to seek that an ultra-modern community Kitchen for catering skill building amongst the Zongo youth in how to make Zongo foods more lucrative, hygienic, and attractive as the taste they have and served dishes for ages to the masses of the Kumerica populace.

This kitchen may serve as a means of rebranding our Zongo foods and making them easy and more accessible through the wild spread mini restaurant that shall be built within the bus stop terminals along the roadside and within the communities with a conducive atmosphere for the sellers and the buyers of the repackaged Zongo foods.

This is set to increase skill-building live food delivery amongst the Zongo youth and give proper economic freedom to them and not be engaging in all those energy-draining activities just to survive.

We hereby write to state that the Kayayei may be trained with skills and better equipment like easy movable trollies and branded in decent uniforms with coaching from the civic education of this nation to provide easy delivery services and not being the carrier of heavy loads to vote for a politician.

Instead of Legalizing Okada, We need a robust assembling and building workshop in every Zongo community that shall train the youth with skill-building.

We need builders and repairers of the craft with skills and not just riders.

We also write to propose to the Zongo skill-building fund that shall sponsor skillful and talented youth to build skills in areas such as blacksmith, forklift driving skills, delivery services, tools building, and other skills that may give the Zongo community a livelihood of individual growth and true beneficiary of their vote to empower our politicians.

Finally, we write to seek that, there shall be NCCE offices and workshops set amongst all Zongo communities to teach the youth their rights as citizens and the need for a serene livelihood by the creation of the Zongo environmental task force that shall be in charge of cleanliness and job creation amongst the Zongo youth.

We finally state that all the hard labor jobs may be made a skill-building venture that shall give the Zongo community a fair share of the national cake.

We also ask that all Zongo communities are provided ultra-modern toilet and bathroom facilities that shall be in the proportion to the number of people per the community.

We need to see changes in reality and not fantasy.