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Opinions of Monday, 21 June 2021

Columnist: Jeremiah Appiah

Believe: The demand of faith and fear

The writer says faith and fear demand that you believe in something you cannot see The writer says faith and fear demand that you believe in something you cannot see

Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about anything you set out to do, there is the question of believe being applied in either a positive or a negative way.

Both faith and fear demand that you believe in something you cannot see. No wonder the Jesus Christ, as recorded in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will often ask those who came to him seeking for healing that ‘‘do you believe?’’

At the hearing of a negative information about the death of the daughter of Jairus, instead of being despaired, Jesus said, ‘‘fear not, only believe.’’

One would imagine, why would Jesus lay so much emphasis on our believe in a positive outcome even in the midst of a negative or bad situation.

Believing in something is the beginning of all forms of attractions, whether positive or negative into the life of man. If you believe you can or you cannot do something, either ways you are right. This is because all things are possible to those who believe.

British Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, once said, ‘‘God want us so badly that he made a condition so simple as he possibly could: only believe.’’

Believing is such that, it produces an emotional vibration within you that attracts all the good or bad things you believe will possibly happen to you or for you. Many think they have to do something, in order to have something, in order to be something.

When you believe in something or for something, you often first feel for example, what it is like to drive that car, own that house, have that relationship, have that bank account, live in that house, etc.

The emotions associated is what connects you to what you want. A lot of people declare or say positive confessions which is good but without belief in what you are confessing, the whole exercise is a waste of time.

Many don’t see a manifestation of what they claim they believe and that is because they do not believe it strongly enough to be emotionally connected to it.

For your belief to produce the expected result, you have to be something- that is to be connected emotionally to it, which will cause you to do something- that is to take practical steps toward achieving it and then you will have something – a manifestation of your belief. Fear of something or for something and all kinds of fears which are as a result of your belief in something, often in a negative sense, is first emotionalized.

That is, you develop an emotional vibration or association with what you are afraid of. As a result, you emotionally ‘‘become something’’ - become afraid of it, which causes you to ‘‘do something’’ – take steps as a result of fear and then you ‘‘have something;’’ what you are afraid of eventually happens to you.

The same principle applies to having faith in something or for something. It is first emotionalized, functionalized and then materialized. In other words, the sequence is to be, do and have.

Many motivational speakers and books often emphasize on thinking positive about something in order to attract that thing into your life. Books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking by Vincent Norman Peale, etc. which are good books, but thinking and working hard alone will not yield the expected result if the emotional association or vibration of belief in or for that thing is absent from the equation.

Your strong belief and conviction about your dream is often what will keep you going when the going gets tough. Most people think of getting a million dollars, they think of buying a house, they think of having that relationship, they think of driving that car, etc. but many never believe the possibility of the manifestation of their thought because there is no emotional association or vibration connected to what they are thinking.

Yet it is the believe - the emotional vibration or association that often attracts what we you want.