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Opinions of Friday, 25 June 2021

Columnist: Dr. Med. Edward Kwame Poku

Dear Hon. Akando,

Minority spokesperson on Health, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh Minority spokesperson on Health, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh

First I wish to introduce myself as a Ghanaian diaspora living and working in Germany. Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is my niece and I happen to be a member of the National Democratic Party of Ghana, a PAN-AFRICAN movement.

I am by profession a Consultant physician specialist with special interest in cardiology. It is no wonder that Prof. Frimpong Boateng, a renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon, happens to be my friend.

I have been following events about Ghana’s attempt to contain the COVID-19 pandemic with great interest. Restrictions which have been laid down by law should not be visibly and publicly ignored by the very lawmakers who made them.

The President, the Vice-President, the Chief Justice, who acted against the laid down rules, which they themselves made, should by example be punished. The Legislature should initiate criminal charges against them for not setting good example to the populace. No-one should be above the law in Ghana. The Brazilian President has been punished for a similar crime.

The various tests conducted at KIA were expected to be accurate and reliable as those done in France. The lives of our People are at stake in this pandemic. The USA alone has lost almost 600.000 of its populace, equaling the death toll of both, the WW I and WW II together.

The Minister of Health always has the option to seek advice from the Ghanaian Diaspora, like me. I have over 55 years of experience as a doctor. In all matters, the Health Minister is always expected to act according to the Constitution of our country, Ghana. Apparently this is not the case.

A fair bidding process must always be adhered to; the Constitution of Ghana demands that. Any contract which is unilaterally executed without legal or proper bidding process is nil and void. Therefore, Frontier Healthcare’s contract should be considered as nil and void.

Members of this company should all have been members of the medical professions who should have been registered in Ghana by the Ghana Medical Council. The President has no constitutional right to give contracts. This is illegal!

The Minister of Transport has allegedly been quoted to have implied that the President gave orders form the contract without fair bidding process to be given to the so-called Frontier Healthcare. I therefore entreat the members of the Health Committee in the Parliament to investigate this issue. This should be considered as an impeachable offense.

The statements by the President’s health adviser Dr. Nsia Asare, are nonsense, disgraceful and to be rejected. Masks are worn to prevent the spreading of the virus. The idea is also to reduce significantly the RISK of infecting others by transmission.

To deliberately fail to wear a mask in the presence of a huge crowd is tantamount to a serious crime with intents. To even mention the word “hope” in this context is wrong and shameful, I find.

“Everybody was wearing a mask, but after some time they took it off, when dignitaries were coming and when they were going to be buried.”

In other words, the transmission possibly began when the deceased was going to be buried. Especially when the crowd gathers closely and dignitaries arrive is the time for all to be more careful and wear the mask.

This man is a DISGRACE!

Comparison of procurement methods

Checks in Germany

1. COVID-19 rapid test kit for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies:

2. Test sensitivity and specificity as per studies conducted in France with well documented blood samples:

Diagnostic sensitivity: 91,45 % (n=117)
Diagnostic specificity: 97 % (n=100)

3. The Principle of the Test

Method of Testing is immunochromatography

Testing material is serum plasma (citrate, EDTA or heparin or full blood)

1. Test-volume: 10 µl serum or plasma or 20µl full blood
2. Test-duration: 10-15 minutes
3. Work room temperature: 15 – 30° C
4. Situational temperature: 2 – 30° C
This is the typical biochemical process of the SARS-CoV-2 antibody rapid test kit.

Making an Order for Antibody Rapid Test

The room-temperature required for this test should be between 15 to 30°C.

Please note, did the Ghanaian companies who conducted these tests at the airport fulfil all these required conditions I have mentioned above?
Who controlled the required conditions for these tests conducted at the airport?

For the readers of my article, please note the following:

It is expected that the tests conducted should be accurate and reliable as is done in Europe.
The lives of our people are at stake.

Pricing of Antigen and Antibody Tests

There have been confusing articles about the pricing of SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests. I wish therefore to take the opportunity to inform the Ghanaian public about the current SARS-CoV2 antibody rapid tests.

1 Box containing 20 Tests, with expiry date of 04/22 (this should be checked by Ghana Medical Council and Standard Board) costs 85 €, with one single test costing 4,25 €.

Please compare this price to the price that the Ghana government paid for an equivalent box.

I, Dr. Poku, am prepared to give the people of Ghana prices of FFP2 masks if requested.

3 boxes, containing 20 tests, 1 box costs 85 € with 1 costing 4,25 €.
This is ONLY procured from a registered pharmacy or medical supplies company, not from a sheik or any private person.

Rapid Antigen Test Kit:

The test-material here is from

• nasal and
• Oropharyngeal swabs.
Room temperature should be 2° to 30°C.

1. The SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test from Gehru
2. Box containing 25 tests, for nasal or oropharyngeal tests
3. The price per box with each 25 Tests is 123.75 €, so one test costs 4.95 €, if you buy five boxes the price is 113.75 €

Now that I have presented the prices and conditions in Germany to the people of Ghana, I wish to compare the prices at KIA Coronavirus Test to the Ghanaian public through the honest ex-Special Prosecutor.

• KIA COVID-19 tests raked in 17.3 million $ in the last quarter of 2020.
• From this, the Ghana Airport company, we are told, got less than 10 % of the amount mentioned above, while Frontiers Healthcare made over 90 % out of the total amount made.

• Please note: No bidding for the tests took place, therefore this transaction with Frontiers is illegal.

Tests should only be done only under the conditions mentioned above. Yesterday I conducted 30 vaccinations in my surgery. I conduct PCR-tests in my surgery, too.

The readers should be informed that vaccinations, procurement of vaccines, is internationally accepted as medical issues and only doctors, nurses and pharmacists are to be involved in this process.

The Minister of Transport has nothing to do with medical issues, this is clearly an example of poor governance. The People of Ghana cannot allow this impunity to go on unchecked.

We the People of Ghana appeal to Mr. Amidu and anyone interested in this issue to seriously consider the question of impeachment against the sitting President.

Please note the following: This same government made laws about restrictions in the face of COVID-19 infection risks and the President and his entourage break the law, go to a funeral without mask, without social distancing and took with him the Chief Justice of Ghana and other Ministers and Members of Parliament. By so doing he has abused the laws of Ghana and refused to honour the oath of his presidency.

If Akufo-Addo is not impeached together with Bawumia there is the risk that the People of Ghana, especially the Ashantis will say enough is enough and immediately demand a federal constitution.

This will enable us to take our fate into our own hands.


1. Why did the Minister of Transport talk about tests without specifying what tests were conducted or carried out at the KIA?
2. PCR-tests on arrival can only be done if their immunity status is known.
3. Those arrivals without information about their immunity status will require PCR tests which take 5 to 6 hours.
4. Which organisation does then the PCR-tests and for whom?

The Government engaged Frontiers Health Solution Services Ltd. to conduct rapid COVID19 tests after reopening the airport.

If this is true, then the President has committed an impeachable offence. As the President has no authority in our Constitution to give orders which are illegal and contradict the principles of fair and just and open bidding process.

Tender for jobs should be an open and fair process in a democracy. It cannot be dictated to by a president. This is abuse of power and impeachable.

In Ghana, after 64 years in existence, we still have no healthcare policy.

• We still do not have a General Practitioners Committee.
• We still do not have a Community Health Council.
• We have the Ghana Medical Council and
• we have the Ghana Medical Association.

We therefore do not need a Muslim medical association of Ghana. It is against our constitution.

The Ghana Medical and Dental Council

The Ghana Medical and Dental Council is a statutory agency that regulates the standards of training and practice of medicine and dentistry in Ghana.

The Frontiers Healthcare Solution Services Ltd. as a body can only practice medicine and provide healthcare services, if this body as a whole is registered and pays dues to the Ghana Medical Council which oversees its standards and practices.

Anesthesia is a medical profession and an anesthetist can only practice medicine if they have basic medical training (general practitioner) of six years and thereafter a five (3-4 depending on country standards) year post-graduate clinical studies and training. Ghana can in this issue not cook its own soup. International standards are there for a reason.

The Council should have determined the adequacy and quality of Frontier Healthcare facilities, standards, and procedures and, of course, personnel.

At any rate, the President has no right to give anyone the legitimacy to anyone to practice medicine in this country. It stands to reason that the amount paid to Frontier Health Services should be paid back to the people of Ghana and if I am asked, I will write a letter to President Putin to make an order for the people of Ghana.

Illegally acquired moneys must be returned and the incident examined and the organisation punished.

Testing at KIA was 17.500.000 $, “as per concession agreement Frontiers Healthcare, from this, services retained were 16.202.200 $ for its illegal services for the stated period.

The total number of visitors to Ghana

“The government engaged Frontier Health Services to conduct the rapid COVID-19 tests after reopening the airport to international traffic in Sept. 2020.”
This information was provided by Mr. Asiamah on Thursday, June 10th 2021, in Parliament after the minority leader Haruna Iddrisu inquired about details of proceeds from COVID-19 testing exercise at the Kotoka International Airport.

Imagine, if this rapid test had been done by civil service doctors from Korle Bu instead of illegally by a private healthcare company, the government, which at the moment lives virtually on borrowed money, would have reduced its 200 million Dollar loan by 17.3 million Dollars in 4 months.
The Frontier Healthcare retained 16.202.200 Dollars for its services.

The President, through his lack of empathy and spontaneous, impulsive actions is not fit to continue as Head of State of our poor African Nation of Ghana.
It is narrated, that he, on assumption of his term as President, that 200 of very expensive V8 Toyota Vehicles, each costing almost, I am told, 180.000 Cedis, were missing.

Till now he has kept his silence about this theft. The Tema port incident with a French billionaire remains for him only a secret, thus violating his Oath of Office. The Minister of Transport is not competent to talk about as health issue even if it happens at an airport.

Arranging for the Vaccines

The Ghanaian Ambassador in Russia who is paid to represent Ghanaian interests in Russia would have been the person to initiate the contacts to purchase the required vaccines from Russia through the correct, official and trusted channels.

Names like:

• Steven Segal or
• Sheik Ahmed Dalmood al Makfoum of Mahama days

should not appear regarding procurement of a life-saving vaccine that is internationally available through proper channels. This entire affair is shameful and disgusting.

It is alleged that another company has been contracted to purchase 5 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine at a price of 26 $ a dose.

Furthermore, it is alleged the government of Ghana has contacted SL Global Ltd. to purchase 5 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V for Ghana for a 5 month period.

The Authenticity of the Vaccines cannot be Validated

1. The effectiveness, the expiry date, the correct storage, the correct syringes and needles, so far have not been mentioned at all.

2. The transportation and how to deliver the vaccines to the patients is unknown.

3. The temperatures required for storage and shelf life so far has not been mentioned.

4. The involvement of nurses, pharmacists and doctors is not mentioned.

5. A Protocol is non-existent.

6. PTE are not available.

7. History of patients regarding their present and previous medical history is unknown.

8. Distribution methods are unknown and who is to deliver them is unknown.

What I do in Germany:

The patient is given information with clear indication about risks and contra-indications. They read this information and if they agree to be administered the vaccine, they append their signature.

After the injection, they wait at the doctors' waiting room for at least 15 minutes in case of possible side-effects and adverse reactions. Then and only then they leave the doctors' surgeries.

In Germany and everywhere in Europe any treatment inflicted on a patient requires his or her agreement; this makes any treatment a contract between the patient and the doctor (or the nurse).

To give an injection to a patient or to draw blood from a patient is an attack on his person which requires – in some instances like this special vaccination – even a written contract. Any healthcare organisation testing anyone at the airport is acting illegally, if its action is without prior consent by the patient.

About me:

1. I was the first African doctor sent to Bolgatanga Hospital after the death of Dr. Johnson.

2. I have worked at Komfo-Anokye Hospital
3. I have worked at UST Hospital in Kumasi
4. I have worked in the U.K. for nine (9) years
5. I have worked in Germany for 50 years in
1. Internal Medicine,
2. Cardiology,
3. Neurology,
4. Paediatrics, etc. etc.

6. I am preparing a coherent Health Policy for Ghana. You will be the recipient of it.

Dear Hon. Mr. Akando, my company, Poku Medicals, wish to give you an insight into processes leading to vaccination of our patients in Germany.

The protocol begins with a surgery folder or catalogue containing:

1. patient information,

2. the design of this catalogue was created by my son, Reginald,

3. Written in front is;

1. information for the patient, “Patienteninformation”
2. the content, with forms about
1. patient name,
2. date of birth,
3. address,
3. medical history;

4. on top it is written COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019)

i. information about the vaccine used,
ii. information about the virus,
iii. side-effects of the vaccine
iv. advantages and disadvantages,
v. what to expect when vaccinated and
vi. what to do in case of adverse reactions.

5. These pieces of information must be read by (or to) the patients, so that a reasonably informed decision can be made by the patient if he or she agrees to be immunised, further questions will be answered and the patient signs this protocol.

6. After the first vaccination everything is documented and the patient is given the original documents and certificates for the second shot as well as additional information on how the virus works, how the vaccine (BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna) works and why the second shot is so important.

This is a vaccination of the patient's mind against fake news, half-truths and other purposefully harmful disinformation designed to prevent us from surviving the virus and its effects on everything we worked for.

7. After the second vaccination shot the patient then has a folder with all the information and signed documents regarding the vaccination to take home and educate others from personal experience as well as scientific research, helping to change the hearts and minds of a whole nation, step by tiny step, gathering momentum, gaining trust, saving lives and livelihoods.

This is what I mean by coherent healthcare plan. One item fits another, triggers another action, supports it, and creates another reaction, changing single lives and then much more.

Sending you kind regards from Germany, please contact me on my preferably via phone, either in my surgery or at home.