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Crime & Punishment of Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Crippled men rob bank at gunpoint

Three crippled armed robbers have been caught on camera robbing a bank and holding people hostage.

Per what was captured on camera, the first cripple entered wearing a purple shirt with camouflage shorts. He is also seen with a leather sling bag across his shoulders, a cap and dark sunglasses.

He entered, surveyed the room and approached a seat at the left corner of the room. The second person followed closely behind him in a peach coloured shirt and also followed suit to the far left of the room.

The third robber, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and grey trousers with a cap and sunglasses, entered but stood at the door. He then surveyed the room and sent somewhat of a signal to the first man who promptly brought out the gun from his sling bag.

This sent the operation in motion as the second man also stood up to round off the customers. Together with the first man they rounded up the workers and customers into the inner chambers whilst the third man guarded the door.

This footage is quite shocking since society is of the view that those with disabilities are unable to perpetuate certain crimes. Unfortunately, this notion has been shattered with this video. Hopefully, the criminals were apprehended and no one got hurt.

Below is the video: