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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Columnist: Atiwa Ba

Concerned delegates of Atiwa West NPP plead with elected constituency executives to review appointments of deputy executives

The NPP hopes to win election 2024 The NPP hopes to win election 2024

Ladies and gentlemen of the media fraternity, Fellow NPP lovers, Atiwaman, other well-meaning Ghanaians who wish well for our beloved party NPP, and Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen herein present; we are highly elated to welcome you all to this all-important Press Conference to address the NPP Fraternity and the General Public on the above subject to set the records straight on the happenings here in Atiwa West NPP.

We would like to draw the attention of our hardworking MP who doubles as Minister of Roads and Highway Hon. Akwasi Amoako Atta, the Eastern Regional NPP Secretariate and National Executives Committee of our great political party NPP to the shallow and undeserving appointments of Deputy Organizer, Deputy Youth Organizer and reappointment of Communication Director.

These appointment(s) came as a disappointment to the party delegates and the hardworking party faithful who have over the years, committed themselves to the progress and development of the party in the constituency.

Surprisingly the elected Woman organizer and the elected Nasara Coordinator were allowed to appoint those they can work with but the nominees by the Organizer and the Youth Organizer were objected and rather had their deputies imposed on them.

The inability of Ibrahim Amadu (former Youth Organizer) and the former Organizer to mobilize the grassroots, led to the abysmal performance of the party in the 2020 elections where our percentage of votes was reduced by 5% and 7% for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections respectively. If we are serious about 2024 elections, then Ibrahim Adamu and others should not be given appointments after they had been voted against by the well-known delegates of the party.

Mr. Isaac Tutu Obeng who also campaigned massively against the elected youth organizer, Clement Asare, and openly insulted him during the campaign season has been imposed on Clement as his deputy. It, therefore, baffles our minds, as to how he is going to work with Clement (Youth Organiser). Tutu has no shame else he would have objected to his appointment as deputy youth organizer. Per our constitution; “all appointments shall be made to reflect the diversity and the national character of the party”.

These appointments are incoherent to our party’s constitution because both Organizer and his supposed deputy are from Akyem Kwabeng and the Youth organizer and his supposed deputy are also from Akyem Abomosu. Meanwhile, the party has 18 electoral coordinating areas and 3 zonal areas making 29 towns. Out of 17 executives, 9 of them are from Akyem Kwabeng which is 52.94%.

Despite the good work of our hardworking MP/Minister, in terms of road networks, schools, hospitals, water, sanitation etc, our deficient communication director was not able to propagate the good works to the constituents. This led to a decline in the party’s votes in 2020 by 7% in parliamentary and 5% in presidential. The Communication Director lacks proper communication skills. We, therefore, plead with the Chairman and all elected executives to reconsider their decision.

The party youth wings like; Youth For Amoako-Atta and Nana Addo 2012-2020, Loyal Ladies, Maidens, Volunteer 2016-2020, Samira Ladies, Diplomatic Patriots etc and IT team have all been sidelined.

We want to tell Mr. Ayim Darkwa, and his elected team, the Eastern Regional Executives, and the National Executive Committee that the Deputy Organizer, the Deputy Youth Organizer and the Communication Director's appointments must be reconsidered, if the party wants us to collectively work towards "Breaking The 8" in Atiwa West Constituency.

Long live Atiwa West,
Long Live NPP,
Long Live Ghana.