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General News of Friday, 2 June 2017


Captain Mahama’s death won’t affect galamsey fight – Armed Forces

The tragic death of the late Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama, will not affect the anti-lumbering and anti-galamsey operations by the Military, the Public Relations Officer (PRO)of the Ghana Armed Forces, Colonel Aggrey Quarshie, has said.

The soldiers had earlier called for a total boycott of anti lumbering and anti galamsey operations, during a meeting between the hierarchy of the Armed Forces and the officers.

But in an interview with Citi News, Colonel Quarshie indicated that, the military is expected to pursue the fight against Galamsey even under unfavourable conditions, since they had taken an oath before they were employed.

“You are doing a job, and you swear an oath that says that you go wherever you are ordered, what does that mean? It means wherever your services are needed you must go and do the work.”

He further stated that, since the Military has no power to prosecute, it has to collaborate with the Police on the matter.

“We don’t have the power to prosecute; so even if you go to do the investigations and you arrest whoever you want to arrest, it is still the Police that will do the prosecution so it is better to collaborate with them to do the job that is expected.”

CDS begs angry soldiers over Capt. Mahama’s death

On Thursday, emotions were high amidst the desire for retribution on the part of soldiers gathered at Burma Camp, following the lynching of one of their own.

The soldiers conveyed their anger over the killing of Captain Mahama in the presence of the Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Obed Akwa, who had a tough job suppressing the men who were out for blood.

“We are the last resort in this country. If we allow ourselves to be beaten this way… as a Christian, by what Jesus said in Matthew 26 verse 52: he who draws the sword must die by the sword,” one fuming soldier stated.

Some of the soldiers also called for a total boycott and discontinuation of all anti-lumbering and anti galamsey operations currently being run by the Army.