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Opinions of Friday, 9 November 2018

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

President Akufo-Addo brings Ghana closer to heaven

President Nana Akufo-Addo President Nana Akufo-Addo

Day in day out, Ghana is inching closer to the glory that heralded the ascent to Power of His Competent Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Somehow, I am not surprised, for his life story is a compendium of grace upon grace; )fre adomo k) adomo saaaaa!!!

It is important to note that under his stewardship, Ghana is now rated the best performing economy, albeit insensitive Ras Mubarak continues to make a fool of himself riding on his wife’s bicycle to parliament as if he were in Timbuktu. Nevertheless, business folks from all over the world continue to squeeze their way through to Ghana as if in a mad rush at the gate of heaven for blessings.

As a result, today, Ghana has regained her might as an electricity exporter with over generation of electricity, which has afforded the government of the NPP the rare opportunity to reduce prices, naturally debunking the claims of the unrepentant idiot, John Jinapor, to the effect that ECG has secretly increased tariffs by 30%. This gargantuan lie exposed the lazy thinking of persons who had hitherto controlled our nation.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that under the NDC, Ghana descended an abyss out of which it had to take a highly qualified team of competent professionals to muscle her.

The acceleration downwards created an unbearable negative G, which not only nauseated us, but sent investors packing out.

The railway sector has seen an unprecedented boom that is glorifying us as a determined people to take destiny into our own hands, having begun the exit from the IMF tunnel of despair. That is the change we voted for!

The recent MOU signed between Ghana and South Africa on the construction of the Sky Train was the sweet cake topped by a further announcement that train cars will soon be fabricated in our country. Whereas Dzifa Attivor and Raymond Atuguba had the rare opportunity to deal with a European firm to do same and even bring on board the monorail to make our living better, they opted to disregard the national interest and look for ways to enrich themselves as was alleged.

That is irking the NDC and causing their nightmares.

They know that the progress of the NPP government in the agenda of making Ghana great again has taken irreversible strides towards achieving same in the shortest period of time: Free SHS; Massive recruitment and employment; abundant food due to planting for food and jobs programme; improved health delivery; more national wealth due to the paperless system at the port and more efficient ways of tax collection; 1V1D; 1D1F; 1 Constituency 1million USD; improved and expanded school feeding programme; reduced electricity tariffs; and so on and so forth.

We cannot afford NDC as a cancerous growth in our body politics. In fact, it has to be relegated to the very abyss it had dropped Ghana into when John Mahama was drunkenly driving in reverse gear. However, upon all his incompetence, I will honestly say that he is more competent that Spio Gabrah, Alban Bagbin, crackhead Goosie Tannoh, and the rest of the comic characters involved in the NDC party.

Never again must we suffer the pillaging that the NDC brought upon us.

However, let me sound a word of caution to some employees of our great government who are trying hard to impugn the dictates of fairness, accessibility, and zero tolerance to corruption that they will be exposed and certainly given the boot towards the SP’s office. These, people and relatively few they are, have the propensity to damage our gains.

Some were mere scapegoats who fell into the traps of their NDC subordinates at work. Their lackadaisical attitudes towards the positions given them, and their lack of will power to sack or relocate the NDC urchins in their midst will cause them to suffer major pains and disgrace.

There are also the greedy ones who are drooling for the positions of their higher authorities like one DMD of a National Bank, who organised a botched demonstration against his MD, which was foiled by the National Security, raining on the latter all forms of improper and incorrect accusations. Why do some of our appointees go this far?

This self-seeking interest and bigotry must end now to avoid embarrassment to our hardworking President. Chai!

There are others who have been accused wrongly of misappropriation. Government has looked into the allegations and found them frivolous and vexatious. There are also those who think that by putting up KVIPs from dirty money accrued by way of ransom or instilling fear in others would save them from poverty for a complete lifetime.

They think that by twisting the arms of fellow appointees and warning ministers to instruct their subordinate CEOs not to obstruct their nefarious activities, people will submit to them like sheep at the slaughterhouse.

That dream of gluttony is too farfetched for them to realise so they hire NDC media thugs and hooligans to make all sorts of accusations against the very government they are appointed to protect. When issues of this nature pop up, I advise the Police, BNI, and National Security to look in our own house to ascertain who allowed the enemy into our backyard!

That is the irony of having Power only to be pulled down by a few wicked ones. It is worthy to note that the majority of our appointees are level-headed and are assisting in moving the nation forward faster than the evil characters can pull us back. It is only by default that they are on board our ship, and it is only by providence that they shall soon be exposed and thrown overboard.

The time has come to never look back.