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Opinions of Monday, 30 August 2021

Columnist: Joel Savage

Bawumia let me correct you, say 'we haven’t done a lot to reduce the suffering of Ghanaians'

Vice President of Ghana , Mahamudu Bawumia Vice President of Ghana , Mahamudu Bawumia

Mahamudu Bamuwia, your claim that “We've done a lot to reduce the suffering of Ghanaians,” is not only an insult to the common people but also reveals that NPP has no respect for the common Ghanaians.

That statement you made at the Workshop by the Majority Caucus for the MPs at Kwahu, Nkwatia, is not true.

The NPP government can’t stand criticism, one of the reasons, fear has fallen upon Ghanaians and institutions such Christian Council, to remain quiet in the country, yet you never desist from making provocative statements.

What has the NPP government done to relieve the suffering of the masses? Empty barrels make the most noise.

You are not the one to speak out for Ghanaians that the Akufo-Addo led government can boast of about 50 social interventions. Let the Ghanaians say it themselves.

This is a typical strategy to cover up NPP's failure and insecurity. Why is it that it is only African politicians who always boast of what they have done but not developed countries?

The suffering masses vote for political parties not because they love the NPP or the NDC. They do so because they are expecting a change in their lives; they want jobs, good education, and hospitals.

Therefore, without asking for them, you politicians have to provide them. You never did but continue to deny the people simple things that can sustain their livelihood, surprisingly; you can't shut up but always boasting.

There is nothing going well in the country, yet you people keep attacking anyone who speaks against the New Patriotic Party government because you feel that is the only way to keep the people quiet, unfortunately, you are wasting your time.

Nobody can intimidate me, you should know by now what I stand for, above all, Social media is powerful than the Ghana army, therefore, you can't silence anyone.

If Ghana is a good country as you claim to be why do Ghanaian politicians leave to seek medical care in developed countries? If the developed world leaders are corrupt like African countries, would African politicians go there for medical care?

It’s a disgrace to all of you promoting and supporting the bad NPP government in Ghana because of tribalism and corruption but you'll live to see that tribalism, nepotism, hate, lies, hypocrisy, don’t develop a country, they are rather destructive elements to progress.

Nobody begged Akufo-Addo to become president. He thinks he is qualified to be because his father was, that's his only plan of entering into politics. This is one of the reasons he has failed miserably as a leader, something hard for the NPP and its tribal bigots to accept.

How many projects has Akufo-Addo commissioned since becoming president five years ago? He can't boast of achieving anything special in the political history of Ghana. He only came to divide people and change the names of already built institutions.

Bawumia, I don’t blame you or Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for treating Ghanaians like fools, I blame those that vote gave you leadership in the country. Look at projects including hospitals left by the former government, all have been covered by weeds, yet the NPP hasn’t even done anything close to that.

When people speak against this stupidity, the person suddenly becomes an enemy, yet all of you lacked the intelligence to admit the fact that those projects belong to Ghanaians, not the NDC, therefore, something must be done to improve the lives of the common people.

There is time for everything Mahamudu Bawumia, let me remind you. Nobody knows tomorrow, I have a very strong belief that if Ghanaians can’t take it any longer, another Jerry John Rawlings will come from somewhere where to clean the mess you people have institutionalized in Ghana.