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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Columnist: Desmond Twumasi Ntow, Contributor

Neglect of developmental projects case of financial loss to the state

An abandoned health facility project An abandoned health facility project

SDDDF-Africa is more than scandalized over the culture of the Government’s continual neglect of developmental projects across the country.

These projects; some completed and only awaiting operationalization and others totally abandoned albeit at advanced stages of completion while in other cases, existing structures had been demolished to make way for new ones which till now had not seen the light of day.

These abandoned projects, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) are a huge drain on the already fragile Ghanaian economy and cost the poor taxpayer a whopping $25million each year.

Taking as an example, the completed $35million Komenda sugar factory which has a capacity to employ about 7,000 Ghanaians and able to cut sugar imports by $200 million per year, operationalizing the factory have reduced the joblessness in the economy, taking care of the massive turn out of unemployed graduates at the recent Youth Employment Agency (YEA) organized Job Fair and the accompanied unsightly occurrences.

The other numerous but abandoned infrastructural projects; hospitals, schools, roads, etc have the immediate capacity to offer graduates and non-graduates in various fields reliable jobs.

Also, of particular interest is the case of the La General hospital which was pulled down for reconstruction which over a year now has not started, worsening the plight of health care seekers in that enclave, which also putting enormous pressure on Ridge, Korle-Bu, LEKMA, etc.

SDDDF-Africa also takes particular note of the terrible development; that for about 2 years or more, trains are not operating in Ghana even though there's a dedicated Ministry of Railways with a substantive Minister and a Deputy who regularly enjoy salaries and other Ministerial benefits arguably for no work.

While the Railway Minister and his Deputy appear not to have any solution to the problem, the problems of the poor train users are compounded as their cost of transportation has more than doubled or tripled just as the time of transportation, that also putting our roads under more pressure.

The sitting govt must also come clean on its own campaign promises such as 1D1F, 1V1D, restoring the status of Korle Lagoon and with fish among others, particularly that there are no 171 new, ready and operational factories (1D1F) in Ghana (as was promised and captured in the 1D1F document and in the 2017 Budget statement), just as Oxfam and University of Development Studies (UDS) have indicated 90% of the dams (IV1D) in Upper East are not viable for irrigation and the fact that Korle Lagoon is dirtier today than the government came to meet.

It is SDDDF-Africa's contention that the estimated $25million per year is a clear case of negligence and massive financial loss to the state for which Ghanaians must more than ruthlessly deal with any culprit government because it is the only way governments can be alive to their responsibilities.
God bless our homeland Ghana.

And make our Nation great and strong

Bold to defend Forever.