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Opinions of Saturday, 17 July 2021

Columnist: Dr Think Twice TV

Ancestral curse, most effective way for curbing rising crimes and dishonesty

"Crime waives, dishonesty and others are troubling problems today and must be checked using our traditional values. Our forefathers, based on their sense of righteousness, truthfulness, honesty, left us a system that prevented crimes or reduced them drastically. We have abandoned them, we less patronize them. Today, we are paying the price of neglect heavily".

The President of a Policy Think tank on social interventions, an activist on societal pressures, Mr Ernest Birmeh aka Dr Think Twice, is calling for reinstatement and strengthening of our traditional values such as ancestorial cures using eggs and Kaiser schnapps, invocation of lightening and others, that served us checks on crimes which ensured social order.

"These were what society feared most and still upholds that fears."

"After abandoning these traditional values, less patronage, society no longer upholds truthfulness, honesty in the systems" Put someone at your shop, he dishonestly, loots all monies".

A plot of land is sold to several persons, stealing of properties is common in the eyes of society. Society has no respect for honesty or truthfulness.

In the era where traditional values of ancestorial cures were upheld, ancestorial cures, buildings had no walls, no locked gates, one dare not enter a home without the owner's knowledge, People slept in peace and less fear of intrusion. Such values, if they had generationally continued, could have instilled in us, a less troubled social order. Our children will have groomed to respect and uphold those social values, to reduce crimes among themselves and society "

Today, houses are built with walls, fence wires including dogs, security cameras and others. Yet, everyone sleeps in constant fear. Is about time we go back to our forefather's traditions, ways of checking crimes, through the use of Kaiser Schnapps, eggs and others. This will reduce dishonesty, crime waives, check social disorder and bring trust in our system of socio-cultural values.

Every adult should advise themselves, parents should inform their wards about the implications of ancestorial cures. What happens, when one is involved in crimes. Grandchildren, nieces, nephews all should be invited and talk to. Is about time we go back, bring back, intensify and strengthen these low unattended values to check crime waives, dishonesty, misguided behaviors. This will ensure total discipline in our society.