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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Columnist: Adjei Boakye

An open letter to Mensah Thompson

Executive Director for ASEPA, Mensah Thompson Executive Director for ASEPA, Mensah Thompson

Dear Mensah Thompson of ASEPA,

I don't know who or what motivated you to put up this group called ASEPA. I don't know your motivation senior, but it seems that group is more or less like, "jama" group. Noisemakers with no direction. You take these 'pipos' seriously at your own peril.

Any serious institution or organization won't write this empty and frivolous stuff in the name of a petition to the president. Henceforth, the president shouldn't entertain this. You deserve no attention, even from the media.

Your empty petition was much to do about nothing. Full of hear-say, and unnecessary hatred. The president should do what?....on the basis of what? Do you have lawyers in your organization? And they asked you to disgrace yourself and the group?

I'm not a lawyer, but I think you should take Ghanaians seriously.

After listening to Samson Lardi Ayine of Multimedia on Asempa Fm, I think you should collapse that group called ASEPA.

Basic principles of law and also the law of natural justice says what...."you can't be a judge in your own court"

Let's visit Article 146 clause (6) and (7)

(6): where a petition is for the removal of the chief justice, the President shall, acting in consultation with the council of state, appoint a committee consisting of two justices of the supreme court, one of whom shall be appointed chairman by the President, and three other persons who are not members of the council of state, nor members of Parliament, nor lawyers.

(7): The Committee appointed under clause (6) of this article shall inquire into the petition and recommend to the president whether the chief justice ought to be removed from office.

Mr. Thompson, are you aware of these two important clauses or not? The inquiry was done to determine whether there is a prima facie case or not.

These are common principles of law. You don't need any boring chemical equation to this disprove this.

The president can't remove the chief justice of the republic on the basis of hear-say. Ghana is a serious county, governed by serious people with direction. Enough of your jokes. It's not funny.

There is no fight! Rest and take some chilled "fula" with bread.

On Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), they did a yeoman's job. The law wasn't raped, it was well communicated and I'm sure you understand. You can't tell them what to do senior.

The chief Justice should sue you for defamation. This, I'm sure can stop you from polluting the minds of Ghanaians on common principles of law. If my memory serves me right, you did the same on assets declaration, and you were told to retract and apologize.

This is the best time for you to learn.

The agenda went bad.