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Opinions of Sunday, 27 June 2021

Columnist: Waterz Yidana

All die be die

Michael Usifo Ataga was murdred by his girlfriend Michael Usifo Ataga was murdred by his girlfriend

The death of Michael Usifo Ataga, a Nigerian billionaire and CEO of Super TV is so tragic and very unfortunate considering the circumstances in which he passed. All die be die, but it's too humiliating to die this way. I believe that his murder was premeditated, a well-coordinated assassination.

It may be a syndicate or there are other accomplices hiding somewhere. Sidechics mostly love their sugar daddies for the financial benefits, so why was this case different? She would've loved to keep him so that she can continue to enjoy his money.

There's nothing wrong with a 50-year-old man dating a 21-year old girl if they like themselves, but the question is, how well do you know her or him. Though some of these slay queens will do anything dirty just to make some bucks, it is still shocking to hear this news. They are beautiful but have little or no sense. All they crave and think about is money (phones, cars) and enjoyment.

To them, nothing makes sense if it doesn't involve money and enjoyment. As men, let's control our libido or get to know the girls or ladies we want to have an affair with very well to avoid these kinds of shameful deaths.

Sleeping over at their houses or apartments or allowing them to book a hotel on your behalf is extremely dangerous. And let your friends you trust know your "side chicks" and let them know anytime you're spending time with them. Or you may just love your wife or wives and stick to only her or them to avoid such unwarranted deaths.

Too sad this little girl known as Chidinma Ojukwu Adaora ended the life of this billionaire leaving behind his beautiful family at home. How will his wife and children feel about this? It's dehumanizing and demeaning for a man like him to die in such a gruesome manner in the hands of a side chick who is absolutely nothing compared to his wife (Brenda Ataga), who is a professional with many degrees in the oil and gas industry.

Sidechics only use their beauty and youthfulness to fleece you and are not loyal to you. They usually have other boyfriends knowing that you won't marry them. They can easily be bought to betray you, so why don't you just focus on your beautiful family and have your peace of mind. You may have some troubles or challenges in your marriage, but try to work them out and save your energy for worthwhile activities.

It's a lesson for men who carelessly sleep around without taking any precautions. May his soul rest in peace and may his wife and children forgive him.

But let me not forget to address parents who have left their children to live as they like. We must constantly correct and advise our children and find out how they live their lives outside the home. We must know their friends and know what they do. And if your child who is not working came home with money or anything suspicious, you must find out where they got it from and if it came from a wrong or bad source, you deal with them accordingly.

Chidinma at 21 already knows how to smoke and drink alcohol, where did she learn that from? We must always keep an eye on our children and preach to them that money is not God and money must be gotten or made genuinely, but not from sugar daddies, armed robbery, or dishonest means.