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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Columnist: Jeffery Adu-Gyamfi

Alexandrah and Efe Grace wow audience at Women in Worship 2021

Women in worship, in my opinion, is currently the biggest gospel event in Ghana Women in worship, in my opinion, is currently the biggest gospel event in Ghana

Review of Women in Worship 2021

Women in worship 2021 happened on Sunday, September 19 2021 at the UPSA auditorium.

Here is a quick review of the program.

Late start of event

The event that was highly advertised to start at 5 pm started some minutes after 7 pm. This left people stranded outside the auditorium since the gates were not opened.

The late start of events held at the UPSA auditorium is gradually becoming a challenge. From sources, the reasons for the delay were something none of the organisers could do anything about. Also, the auditorium is a place one known Church uses for their services on Sundays.

Set up

Finally, the doors were opened to receive the audience, the stage was beautifully set, lights, screens, coverage set up was beautifully done as well. The sound had a major challenge at the beginning of the program but gradually the team worked on it.

Personally, I think the sound should be improved subsequently with regards to what we had from the earlier performances.


The hymnal team!, wow, I think Genset service should commend the person who proposed that idea because that was the wow factor of the event. Alexandrah Aboagye as well as Efe Grace to me on that team were super Exceptional.

Ruth Adjei was almost messed up by the band but the experience of Affreh Jnr and the team quickly came in to salvage the issue. Ruth Adjei had absolute control over her song and her audience.

Queendalyn, what an amazing singer. At a point, she was nervous but she has too much power in her voice and again, she was too careful.

Jayana; if there is any new artist I have put much expectation on after Women in Worship 2021, it will surely be her and Ruth Adjei. They are experienced are able to carry their audience along which to me is impressive. Jayana was on point and gave a different meaning to blessed assurance.

Celestine Donkor

Few questions!

Why did she come with her own band?
Did her BVs understand the stage they were on?
Did they come for dress rehearsals?

Celestine as an artist was amazing, from clothing to her voice and her ministration; she got the whole audience singing along and jamming to her songs.

But the band, well I think Celestine should have also used the carpet band which would have been solid because when the carpet took over, the difference was clear.

With the BVs, who asked them to stand opposite directions of stage monitors and later complain they can’t hear?

Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Daughters came in with some amazing energy from start to finish. On the night I will say Daughters made my night.

>b>Florence Obinim

The expectation was not so much since it’s been a while we saw her on such a stage but her performance was not bad; her hits got the audience on their feet.

Obaapa Christie

Well, to admit, people were sitting and watching her do some English songs because it was her first time and it was a good move to take pressure off her. As experienced as she is, she quickly jumped onto the Obaapa we know her to be jumping and creating music on stage. She was a delight to watch and listen to yesterday after her first song.

Diana Antwi Hamilton

VGMA artiste of the year did not wow most of us since a friend who was sitting next to me could easily predict 80% of what she will do. But as usual, Diana took us to the Pentecost Church with some worship and her back-to-back hits. I asked myself what else were we expecting from her?

I think the management can put some more creativity into her stage performances to be a little different from what we see her do and go a little beyond just singing her hit songs. She is the biggest brand in the gospel industry now and a lot is expected of her.


She is good.

Mercy Chinwo

She got to stage after 11 pm where most of the audience had left and the remaining ones were tired. Mercy's intro song was what did the magic for her. Singing a typical Ghanaian worship song got the attention of everyone to jump on with her. Experienced as she is, she followed it up with her own worship tunes. Mercy's voice, band control, audience appeal is massive.

Errors of the event

Please, organisers, you know the capacity of the room and you printed the ticket for those numbers so what happened? You kept arranging chairs to the point that, the emergency exits were even filled up with chairs.

The ticket came with a drink but most people did not know because of the way the gate and the ticketing issues were handled.

Going forward Genset service should look into these things.

Women in worship, in my opinion, is currently the biggest gospel event hosted by a company in Ghana.