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Opinions of Friday, 3 December 2021

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

Akuapem Poloo deserves her custodial sentence

Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo

This girl has been badly failed by her handlers (if she's not in charge of her affairs and management).

She should have known that the reprieve given her by the court to be out of jail pending determination of her appeal was to test her penitence.

Yet, I don't know, if she thought like many of the so called _"celebrities"_ with false sense of entitlements (untouchables), could continue displaying her nudity on the screens?

What song was it? I've not even heard it, during its launching or promotion in the studios of Nam1's Xylophone media, this Akuapem Poloo girl showed virtually every hidden parts of her body, but for a skimpy bra that covered part of her breasts, bragging in addition _"how I am blessed to have a flat stomach as a mother of one, and one who don't even control my eating"_ (sic).

Seen, I posted that half nakedness of hers on my WhatsApp status and questioned _"is it this girl that was bailed not long ago after committing similar offense?"_

This was after I'd doubted how the few days spent behind bars had deterred her from dabbling in the same indecency judging by the dress she adorned to address the press.

We can't continue with such indiscipline. Custodial sentence may educate her and others who for folly think like her.

We thank the Child Right International for standing obdurate to see the good ending of this child abuse case.

If she was sentenced to community service as others were crying for, it would have been another photo opportunity to market her obscenity.

Must you walk naked in the streets before you reach stardom?