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Opinions of Friday, 18 February 2022

Columnist: Sandra Asantewaa Darfour-Oduro

After Covid, what next?

People are advised to adhere to the coronavirus safety protocols People are advised to adhere to the coronavirus safety protocols

The Covid 19 pandemic has indeed changed our lives. We are advised to always take precautionary measures like wearing of nose masks, washing our hands regularly, practicing social distance and taking the vaccine.

Some have gotten the virus and thankfully have been okay but unfortunately, we have lost too many lives to this virus.
Vaccines save lives! So, when the COVID vaccine becomes available to you, please take it. The Scientists have worked tirelessly, and the experts say it's safe.

This is how we can get back to our normal lives quickly. While we wait to achieve herd immunity, please wear your mask, wash your hands regularly and avoid crowds.

Due to this pandemic, changes have been made in workplaces. Some people continue to work from home to minimize overcrowding in workplaces. Since the virus spreads in crowded places, churches and event organizers are encouraged to ensure that covid protocols are implemented. We are also encouraged to stay at home often to minimize the spread of this virus.

Unfortunately, as people stay at home or work from home, there is the risk of physical inactivity. People may no longer be as active as they were prior to the pandemic. Physical inactivity is a known risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as heart diseases and Diabetes.

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, the global trends in NCDs were worrying. The prevalence of NCDs is increasing in Ghana, especially among young people. So, while we work to defeat the COVID-19 virus, let’s all be mindful of our risk for NCDs due to physical inactivity. While we stay at home or work from home let’s make plans to exercise at least 30 minutes daily. Dancing is a good form of exercise, running around with the children at home is also a good exercise. If you can still go to the gym or are able to walk around safely in your neighborhood, please do so to minimize your risk for NCDs.

Let’s remember to also eat healthy meals. Consume more fruits and vegetables. Stop smoking and limit the intake of salts, sugar, oil, and alcohol.
While we all work hard to defeat this COVID 19 virus, let’s all be mindful of these known risk factors for NCDs.