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Opinions of Friday, 18 February 2022

Columnist: Sam Adumoa

A letter to T.D Jakes: The lies about Ghana

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Bishop in your attempt to eulogize the worst president of Ghana in the fourth Republic, you also made a rather unfortunate false statement about the state of Ghana in 2014 and now.

Bishop before this president came to power we had another president called John Mahama between 2012 to 2016 who we believe is the best president Ghana has ever had after President Kwame Nkrumah.

He constructed many regional hospitals, initiated the construction of 123 new secondary schools of which 46 were fully completed and commissioned. Under his leadership, the airport terminal 3 was built in Accra, he resolved the annual power outages we have been having since the beginning of the fourth Republic by procuring the Ameri, Karpower any many more energy plants and also overseeing the construction of the Atuabo gas power plant which supplies gas to these power generation plants. Under his leadership, we had a new airport in the volta region, expanded the Kumasi airport and the Tamale airport. He increased water supplies to most parts of the country and also constructed over 1500 community hospitals with 10% monthly contributions from his ministers.

He undertook the massive port expansion projects in both Accra and Takoradi and constructed the kejetia market which is the best in West Africa. He also constructed a new military hospital in Kumasi which is near completion but has now been abandoned by your friend.

He constructed 1500 new affordable housing which your friend Akufo Addo has abandoned when we have many Ghanaians sleeping on the streets of Accra.

There is countless projects he executed. I have attached a copy of just a few of the major infrastructure projects under his leadership for your perusal.

On the order hand, your so-called friend Akufo Addo came to power through a propaganda coup involving the corrupt media in Ghana, He promised heaven and now we are in he'll with our once-great economy on its knees. When they took over in 2016, they blame every little thing on the previous administration. Now they have added covid to the blame.

He came to continue the progressive free education which though a good policy, has rather destroyed the quality of our educational system. For two years now, we do not have textbooks for our schools for the new curriculum they introduced. They do not pay the schools in good time hence the schools cannot even reopen on time.

Your friend demolished a hospital in La since 2019 and promised to construct a new one in its place. To date, he has not even started the foundation. Rather he promised to build 111 hospitals in 2020, to date he has not started any of them. Hence the reason he earned the accolade KING PROMISE. Recently he has promised to build ten thousand affordable houses for teachers. That is your friend Bishop.

They have borrowed more money than any other government has in the past, but have not built a single secondary school from scratch or a single regional hospital.

They collapsed several banks affiliated with the opposition parties. His cousin who is the finance minister uses his own bank as book-runners for all the bonds Ghana floated. That is a conflict of interest situation, but hey, your friend does not care.

The level of corruption in this government is unprecedented. Whilst kids do not have a classroom to study in and whilst they do not have chairs to sit on, this your friend Nana Addo is gallivanting the globe with a private jet which is causing we the taxpayers £15k an hour.

He has 126 ministers of state and all his families and their families hold key positions in his government. This is nepotism Bishop.

In our last elections, this friend of yours instructed his vigilante group to go and kill some voters in two regions of Ghana when he realized he was losing the elections. Eight Ghanaians were killed and the perpetrators are still walking free on the streets of Ghana. No investigation is going on. It is under his leadership that a journalist was gunned down and to date, nothing has happened to the perpetrators. When George Floyd died this friend of yours who loves propaganda had a funeral in Ghana for him and even built a memorial for him. But when his own people were killed, he care less. He is a propaganda president who always wants the world to believe that he is a good man. He is simply Fake, Bishop.

Our airport duty-free shop is managed by his daughter who is also a director of creative art in Ghana. The Commercial VIP lounge is managed by his cousin's wife. Our Road minister is his cousin, his secretary is his cousin, the finance minister is his cousin, the electoral commissioner is the cousin of his wife, the list goes on.

We in Ghana consider anyone who associates himself with this Idi Amin of our days as a bird of the same feather.

So Bishop a word to the wise is enough. I will urge you to watch loud silence media on Facebook or YouTube on 29th Match to see how romantic your friend Nana Addo can be with other women. If you associated yourself with him, we can only assume that you are birds of the same feather.