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You play ‘Ofeetso’ too much, why won’t I be tagged as NPP – Sarkodie reacts to use of song for campaign

Comment: Think deep

2020-06-27 17:00:11
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One one for NDC

Hahahahahahaha. You think Sarkodie is foolish or he don’t think far. Just look at this all musicians and actresses/actors who associate themselves with NDC became unpopular because .......................
I can’t explain but John Demulo did on his latest interview. You can watch it on YouTube

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06-27 12:10
Kwame Attafuah Timber Market Akim Oda
06-27 18:43
Kwame Attafuah Timber Market Akim Oda
06-27 18:45
Think deep
06-27 17:00