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Stacy Amoateng reportedly takes over management of Angel TV, after Akua GMB's dismissal

Comment: It's never a dream to be a 2nd wife

2020-05-20 02:15:46
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Divorce can happen to anyone it doesn't matter whether you 1st 2nd 3rd or whatever position of wife you possess people get their own husbands without being 2nd or 3rd but still things don't work they end up divorcing in as much as there are more women than men in the world polygamy will never cease especially in African society Arabian societies and there will always be women out there who will take that risk of agreeing to be 2nd or 3rd wife's even though in the biblical sense is a sin but let not forget is the same society that forces other single women to that position once they reach marital peak speak ill of them and judge them is because of their bad character that is why no man wants to marry so the moment a married man steps on their doors they accept them without thinking twice out of societal pressure ,desperation and frustration it's sad but some determined to get married will always find themselves in that position

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05-18 11:54
It's never a dream to be a 2nd wife
05-20 02:15