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Why Reggie Rockstone feels disrespected by Ghanaians

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Nana yaw
2020-04-05 03:27:51
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Why Reggie Rockstone feels disrespected by Ghanaia

Well I was there and I saw it all .
Maybe some of you guys are young or you still have curfew to come out late .
When Reggie came back the twi rap was on already by Native funk lords , nananom and talking drums ..
well he Reggie came raping already from Brooklyn, with Freddy funkstone and rab.. they have group already which was called ... Party Ala mansion.. meaning party in the house in French.. for the records JAY-Z even opened for them before .
So if they said Reggie Started it’s incorrect, but when they say who took it to the world or blow it up .. yes it’s Reggie .
But my point here is , what matters about this ?
Ghanaian likes titles .. the Nigerian had come and taken it to another level .. we are shooting down the ones that at are holding the frontlines.. like shatta wale ..
when that boys goes out of Ghana , he had to walk with bodyguards because they mob him .. he is a super star ..
but we shoot him down ... bring me down Ghanaian attitude
What matters is we are one and how far is the Ghana music going .. ?

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Hip life
Nana yaw
04-05 03:27