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Coronavirus: Lockdown is necessary but comes at a great cost – Lydia Forson

Comment: That is all we can do

2020-03-25 09:36:40
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Coronavirus: Lockdown is necessary but comes at a

Ghana cannot afford to be lockdown----it is as simple as that!!!We simply cannot AFFORD To-----ghana does not have both the infrastructure and the economic might like the developed countries to lockdown----many Africa countries cannot similarly do the same
---We can only sensitize the population and just apply the basic guidelines of prevention controllably -----
How many people can afford to going shopping in case of a lockdown---we are use to our open market places -----in terms of transport ---how many can afford Uber and chartered cabs on daily basis
To be honest we can do our best and leave it to God to do the rest
--- this could therefore serve as a good harvest time for the doomsday Pastors and Prophets----pray for deliverance
God help us all in this times

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03-24 07:52
Kwame Attafuah Timber Market Akim Oda
03-24 09:49
That is all we can do
03-25 09:36