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'Blame the devil for collapsed marriages between female musicians and pastors'

Comment: Why Blame the Devil?

Kwame Duro
2020-03-23 23:05:07
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'Blame the devil for collapsed marriages between f

It's interesting how some of us feel the devil is the cause of our downfall. He doesn't force us to commit crimes, rather, he proposes to us. He gives us his options and associated so-called rewards.
Remember after the Savior fasted for forty days, he approached him with invitations to act in certain ways and promised Him of rewards. That's exactly what he does to us too. Just as Jesus Christ had a choice to make in each situation and chose not to adhere to any of his invitations, God has also given us the same agency, the ability to freely choose between right and wrong. So in every invitation satan extends to us, we have absolute power through Christ to yes or no to it.
Every second in life we are presented with two options, either good or bad to choose from. The more we lean toward the Savior and obey His teachings, the better we grow in our ability to choose good over evil; thus, defeating satan.
Satan can NEVER force anyone to choose evil. For the power is in us and we're agents to ourselves.
Even the story of Adam and Eve also confirms the Savior's experience. Satan in the garden of Eden presented his plan to Adam first who rejected it. He then went to Eve separately presented the same plan with persuasion like he did to Adam. Eve fell for satan's plan then he encouraged Eve to convince Adam. Adam thinking that if he did not partake of the fruit given to him by his wife Eve, God was going to cast Eve out of the garden and therefore ate it.
This teaches one other principle with regard to agency. In as much as we as humans are free to choose whatever we want to be and do in this life, we are NOT free to choose the consequences.
So my dear friends, satan has no power to choose for us and make us miserable in life like himself IF our lives are built on the rock of our salvation who's Jesus Christ, a foundation where upon which we're all built, the devil cannot drag us to the gulf of endless woe and misery.
Thanks for your time.
God bless us all

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03-23 18:05
Why Blame the Devil?
Kwame Duro
03-23 23:05