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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded’ Pappy Kojo

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Jerry house
2020-03-24 20:11:13
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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded

Make it mandatory for everyone to wear masks and gloves at all times this stops the containment and plus yes dispersed food to individuals that need it and yes state to where it's not crowded don't make crowdsand then there's also non-citizens that travel to Africa from the USA they need to be able to fly back to the USA for free on airlines cuz we can't afford to feed them and pay for the airlines to send them back please help us I got my wife there from USA she's in Ghana and stuck I don't have money I'm just barely beating her she's almost going to die of starvation but she's from the USA in Portland Oregon she needs a board an airplane so she can be here to eat for free there's food banks that let her eat for free here in Oregon in USA and then there's that aburkia issisa that I stole her money that I sent her for food over $9,000 he stole from her constantly at a Christine's house so we can't find this Christine person that he knows of that is full gold bars that we inherited and everything else and they all have been victimizing my wife since you got to Africa that is our inheritance old school bars that this Christine person that stolen and all these little groups including a kabrui and these men have made me sending Western Union money saved my wife to not pick up the money in her own name with an actual passport from the USA so they blackmailed her to steal money from her add food and also this damn gold bars that we inherited all the way from USA to ended up there in Africa that they all stole from the USA and I want to want for the rest a question that aburkia iissakia his ID has been used in Western Union pick it up 49 Grant in his name for me Jerry house a Portland Oregon 650 Northwest Irving Street Portland Oregon 97209 and I sent this Western Union to all those men there in Africa an Acura and also Ghana those men have done nothing but put money in their names black mom I wiped astronaut pick up money with a passport and they stole all her money and food and I will start my wife to death and then they go and still go bars with thats Christine where she was located at and that and that burka knows a location of Christine and everything else and we need him to take up all your tests and arrest him with a warrant for his arrest how to give out those names and pull up Christine so we can find her located where those gold bars are there have been stolen from us and a DEA is working with us and try to find her so contact the DEA help us to location on her and her husband s name is Frank

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03-23 12:14
Re: Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded
Jerry house
03-24 20:11