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DanieltheVictor’s single ‘You Are Worthy’ out now!

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2019-12-17 21:02:15
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DanieltheVictor’s single ‘You Are Worthy’ ou

That’s a great piece!!! Just keep improving!!
@ POW@GHFUO think big!!! You can share your single
For us and let’s see how u hit the key right and all that!!(kidding).
You have made some insightful review from a technical point.. the part about “I nearly turned it off ...” adds no value to the review... criticisms are good but it should be ok the work and how to improve.. as I read I wanted to see suggestions about how to Improve.. but the usual Gh thing is always seeing the wrong side..
the first times I heard joe mettle minister he was nothing like we know today, so Danny the Victor keep it
Up IOve this piece, it’s so much better than a lot of noice out there!!! Set ur sights on how to improve and become the great singer I see in u!! Don’t let any harsh words pull u down, cos u r in a country where majority of the ppl hold PHDs (pull him down).

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