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183 staff have left EIB – Bola Ray shockingly reveals

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2019-08-23 17:28:52
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183 staff have left EIB – Bola Ray shockingly re

NDC was financing you would be twerp till NDC comes to and Abeku Santana are the real cause of Ghanas down fall.big head bola ray you are not an achiever. neither you are an are a beggar to whom NDC thought you can be an achiever with your so call MUSIC MUSIC program that you were call your self a prodigal son and walk straight to stores and BURN your so call BOOKS you published.go and burn them he goat. OBIA WO NO MASTER.i pray NDC stays oppostion for 32 years to see the down fall of stupid Ghanaians to whom they think talking pays than hard work.NANA ADDO i salute you.

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