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Kofi Asamoah and Kwaku Manu clash over 'wisdom' video about America vrs Ghana

Comment: What is the meaning of wisdom????

2019-08-19 10:31:09
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Kwaku Manu is ignorant

Do you understand that word Wise???? Those thinking that whiteman is wiser than blackmann should find out what that word wise means.What makes a whiteman wiser than a blackman?? We are not talking about invention , and this is the mistake people are doing here.
Just live in the whiteman's soceity and you will judge from yourself if they are wiser than we blacks.

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight

So tell me now what makes the white much more wiser than blacks??? So you want to tell me blacks doesn't have these qualities or what? Damn you all with this stupid thoughts.

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08-19 05:18
What is the meaning of wisdom????
08-19 10:31